The bedroom is probably the space in your home where you spend the most time. Although it’s true that most of that time is spent sleeping, it’s still essential for your bedroom to be well organized, neat and airy. This helps you relax and sleep better at night, but it also allows you to be efficient in the mornings while you’re getting ready for a new day. Here are some easy-to-apply ideas for organizing your bedroom and turning it into a stylish, relaxing space:

1. Put your bed to work

Your bed can do more than one thing — besides sleeping in it, it can also provide some extra storage space. This is very important, particularly in small bedrooms. The bed takes up a lot of floor space, and, oftentimes, there’s little room for other pieces of furniture, making under-the-bed storage essential. You can go with different bed designs, depending on your preferences:

  • Lift up beds have the advantage of providing a large, undivided storage space. It’s perfect for keeping bulky items such as duvets or pillows, but you can fit anything in there, from heavy winter parkas to bags, luggage, towels and so on.
  • Beds with built-in drawers allow you to organize your stuff more efficiently, so that’s the best option if you want to store clothing. You can separate your belongings into categories and have dedicated drawers for each category. Check how deep the drawers are before purchasing the bed and make sure you have enough space in your bedroom to open them.

  • Platform beds with built-in shelves are a very stylish option for adding storage to your bedroom. The shelves are ideal for storing the books you’re currently reading and for electronics such as your laptop or tablet. Also, you can use the shelves to display your favorite shoes and bags and score points for original bedroom design, but also for functionality, as you have your accessories at hand in the morning and don’t have to dig through closets for a certain item. Also, in the case of a small bedroom, these shelves can take over the functions of a nightstand, providing a bit more space for you to move around.

  • The simplest and least expensive solution for under-bed storage are some nice bins or boxes. It’s the easiest thing you can do when you already have a nice bed and don’t plan on getting one with built-in storage any time soon. It works great for children’s bedrooms too — under-the-bed bins or baskets are perfect for holding toys and other small items, thus keeping the rooms clutter-free.

2. Add a window bench with storage

The window area in your bedroom can be turned into a stylish and practical space by adding a comfy bench with storage. The bench makes a cozy spot for reading or  having your coffee in the morning. The entire ensemble takes up very little floor space, while also providing multiple uses. Another possibility — if the layout of your bedroom allows it — is to add floor-to-ceiling cabinets or shelves at both ends of the window bench. This way, you can incorporate plenty of extra storage space to the room without impacting the flow of the room or making it look overcrowded.

3. Add built-in shelves above the bed

Built-in shelves, painted the same color as the rest of the walls, are less visually crowding than other types of shelving and make a nice focal point for the bedroom, while also providing some storage. Place them above your headstand, as you can’t really have other types of furniture up there anyway. You can use the shelves to display family photos, small decorations, jewelry boxes and other small knicks and knacks that would otherwise clutter your nightstands and other surfaces in the bedroom.

4. Rent a self storage unit

Sometimes, the amount of storage you can squeeze out of your bedroom — and your entire home — is just not enough. One solution is to rent a self storage unit, where you can keep your out-of-season clothing and footwear, extra pillows and duvets that you normally use for guests, and luggage and other belongings that are otherwise cluttering your bedroom.

5. Replace the nightstand with a narrow desk

A narrow desk or a console table completed by a chair and placed by the wall, near your bed, will serve as both a nightstand but also as a spot where you can work when needed, write something or put your makeup on. Having an extra seating option in the bedroom, besides the bed, makes the space more versatile and adjustable to your changing needs.

6. Be creative with your accessories

Small items, like jewelry, ties, scarves or belts, take up a lot of space inside your wardrobe or drawers — and, even worse, you can never seem to find just the right  accessory when you need it. You can solve both problems, and add some interesting decorations to your bedroom, by using the walls to display them. Attach some simple organizers to your wall — you could go with wooden bars or wooden panels fitted with hooks or knobs. Then, simply arrange your accessories on those organizers and enjoy its colorful and cheery look.

7. Get a spectacular freestanding mirror

An oversized mirror in the bedroom will bring a touch of luxury and will make the space seem bigger and brighter. It’s also very practical, as you can easily check out your outfits head to toe and make sure you look perfect before leaving your home. Use lighting to make your mirror even more spectacular — for example, you could add some string lights to the mirror frame.

8. Turn your walk-in closet into a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe unit

The average walk-in closet attached to a bedroom involves some wasted space — you have to step inside, which means you’re not using its entire square footage for storing your clothes and other belongings. Replace it with a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, which can actually hold more clothes and has a contemporary, modern look. Add plenty of drawers to the wardrobe unit, as they make organizing your belongings — and keeping them organized — a breeze.

9. Play with wall textures to add depth and volume to the décor

Finishing a wall in a different texture — or color — will actually make your bedroom look larger. Pick the wall that you want to be the focal point of the room and choose a different type of finish for it. You could go with natural stone, decorative bricks, wood paneling or simply wallpaper. The contrast between your accent wall and the rest of the walls and the ceiling will make the room appear taller and the space more generous than it really is.

10. Frame the headboard with shelves

Build shelves and/or cabinets around your bed’s headboard, making the most of this usually unused space. It’s a great option for teenager and youth bedrooms, and they usually need extra storage for books, textbooks and other school related supplies. Adding some spot lighting above the bed will make it more comfortable for nighttime studying sessions.


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