Moving can be a difficult process, both emotionally and logistically. You’re uprooting your life from one setting and starting again in a new place. Instead of trying to make this move on your own or having friends help you, this is a job best left to the professionals. A good moving company can help you relocate while making sure your belongings get to your destination undamaged.

With so many options available, we’ve put together a list of moving companies to help you find the right one for your needs:

1. International Van Lines

Even though International Van Lines offers overseas moving services, they also help people move domestically locally and long-distance, commercial moving excluded. Their services include packing, insurance, shipping tracking, car transportation, and access to moving supplies. They also ensure fragile items and larger ones (such as pianos) receive the proper treatment while moving them for you.

The company comes highly recommended thanks to their outstanding customer service. Newsweek ranked them the second best moving company for customer service in 2022. When moving with this company, a 25% deposit is required, with cancellation up to 48-hours for free. Quotes vary based on your moving route – for instance, moving from Atlanta to Chicago with International Van Lines can cost you between $2,000-$3,500.

2. American Van Lines

Another company offering excellent moving services, American Van Lines, prides itself on offering a flat rate and a guarantee that your quote stays unchanged – offering customers peace of mind in case the move takes longer than anticipated. The company specializes in local, long distance, out of state and even international moving. Moreover, American Van Lines also offers packing (full-service), moving supplies and car transportations services.

A deposit is also required – and you have three days to cancel for free after signing the contract. Moving from Miami to New York City could cost around $5,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. They’re also featured on Newsweek’s list of best moving companies for their customer service – your moving project is in good hands with them.

moving company moving furniture during a move

3. Allied Van Lines

A company that provides both local and international moving services, Allied Van Lines has been in business since 1928. Their services also include full packing, moving supplies, container moving and vehicle shipping. As a licensed and insured broker-carrier for moving, Allied Van Lines uses their own employees for these types of services. Moreover, short-term or long-term storage is also available.

With its services covering all 50 states, Allied Van Lines is a highly-reputed moving company with excellent customer service. When it comes to cost, moving from Atlanta to Chicago could cost you between $4,800-$5,400.

4. United Van Lines

With its headquarters in Fenton, Missouri, United Van Lines is a well-established moving company in the U.S. It assists people whenever they’re moving locally, interstate and internationally. Other services include full service moving, moving containers and business moving.

Moreover, they also disassemble and set up home theaters and PC networks in case you need this service. Cleaning and debris removal are also among the unique services they offer. Additionally, they offer direct compensation in case any of your belongings get damaged during the move.

5. Adams Van Lines

Adams Van Lines claims over two decades of experience in the moving business, boasting award-winning services and excellent customer service. Services include long distance moving, full service packing – customizable to your needs and your budget- and corporate moving. Storage services are also available to help you get settled in your new home, with short-term and long-term storage options offered.

They provide services and movers from 500 locations, which makes moving with them quite easy. In the past 10 years alone, Adams Van Lines has helped move more than 1.2 million customers. They’re known for no delays in service delivery and for offering flat-rate pricing.

moving company packing boxes

6. Atlas Van Lines

Another well-known name in the moving business, Atlas Van Lines has been helping people move since 1948. Besides providing long distance moving services, they also specialize in work relocation, military moves and time-specific relocations. Additionally, they also help you with vehicle transportation, packing supplies and even storage.

You can easily use their website to get your move on the move, from looking up pricing quotes to tracking the shipment. No deposit is required, and you can cancel for free within three days after signing your contract with the company. Thanks to their stellar customer service, they’re rated at A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

7. Mayflower

Mayflower is another staple in the moving business, with a history of over 90 years. They help both residents and businesses make cross-country moves. Their services also include military, corporate and international relocations. Moving supplies, packing/unpacking, along with full moving are also among the Mayflower offerings.

The company operates in 650 locations and employs 500 agents in total. No deposit is needed to schedule a moving service, and their online GPS tracking system allows you to follow your belongings as they’re en route to your new home. It operates in 46 states, with service not including Delaware, Hawaii, Rhode Island and West Virginia.

8. North American Moving Services

In business since the 1930s, the North American Moving Services company has had a long history of assisting people relocating across the country. Their specialties are long-distance and corporate moving. Moreover, they offer packing, shipment tracking, moving supplies and vehicle transportation.

Blue Express, their container moving option, is part of the company’s main identifier. Additionally, customers enjoy round-the-clock customer service. They were also the first company to deliver shipments over the Alaska Highway and the first one to train drivers using interactive driving simulators. North American Moving Services doesn’t require a deposit, and cancellations are free for up to three days after signing the contract.

movers packing a moving truck

9. U-Pack

U-Pack is also another national moving company that stands out for its excellent service. They take a different approach to moving – a truck or small container is provided which you can pack yourself with the belongings (or hire another company to do the packing for you). You can drive the truck yourself or you can have U-Pack transport the items to your new home.

Cost is calculated based on the amount of linear footage taken up by the items that are transported. This is a great company to help you move, especially if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative to relocation. No deposit is needed, and you also have access to shipment tracking, instant quotes and storage options.

10. Bekins Van Lines

Even though they’re a smaller company, Bekins Van Lines is an Indianapolis-based moving company with 400 agents worldwide and is represented in over 250 locations. As an affiliate of Wheaton Van Lines, the company offers local, cross-country and international relocation services.
Some of the services offered include packing (full-service), online quote requests, shipping tracking, moving insurance and transparent pricing. You can also speak to a moving manager if you need help with your move.

After selecting your company to help you with your move, make sure to make plans for how you will manage your belongings once they get to their destination. You can arrange for the moving company to drop them off at a self storage facility if they get there before you do. A 10’x20’ unit can fit the insides of a two- or three-bedroom home. If you’re moving a 4-bedroom home, you’re better off with a 10’x30’ unit.

Even after you get settled in your new home, you can still reap the benefits of self storage – the service is useful whether you live in Atlanta, Chicago or New York City. By putting your seasonal and bulky items in storage, you’re making sure your home stays uncluttered and that you have enough room for the things that matter to you at the moment.

Have you ever used a moving company to relocate? Let us know which one you used in the comments section below.


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