Boise’s increasing appeal has made the city livelier than ever, both in terms of businesses and new residents moving in. With outdoor fun, hiking, fishing and rafting at a stone’s throw from your house, great housing options and the job market brimming with opportunities, the city can make a great home for renters and homeowners both.

One thing that can make living in Boise even more comfortable is getting self storage. Boise’s well-established self storage market offers various types and sizes of storage units with a range of amenities that cater to all needs and budgets. Whether you’re a Boise State University student looking for somewhere to keep your belongings over the summer, an avid fisher who needs a place to keep their boat and fishing gear safe or you simply need some extra space in your life, there’s something for you here.

We’ve compiled a list of important things to know about the self storage market before you decide where your belongings’ new home will be.

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How much does a self storage unit cost in Boise?

Self storage in Boise is slightly cheaper than the nationwide average — a 10’x10’ non-climate-controlled unit costs on average $119 per month here. Smaller units are available, but the price also depends on what additional amenities you need. Climate-controlled units go for slightly higher, as they cost on average $132 per month.

Boat and RV storage prices can vary greatly depending on the size of the vehicle you need to store. Some places like Access Storage in Southeast Boise may ask for as low as $37 per month for a 10’x15’ unit, but if you need more room than that you can expect to pay around or above $100 per month in most places.

Where can I find the cheapest self storage in Boise?

Even though storage prices in Boise are generally low, there are areas where you can get an even better deal, usually around the southern parts of the city. Southeast Boise is the cheapest place to rent self storage space — with prices starting at $25 for a 5’x5’ unit and $74 for a 10’x10’ unit — followed by Boise Airport — where a 10’x10’ storage unit goes for an average of $125 per month. Prices can vary greatly even within neighborhoods, so make sure to check out storage units in your local area for the best deals.

What storage unit types are available in Boise?

Boise’s storage facilities offer a wide range of options, including vehicle storage. Owing in part to residents’ penchant for outdoor adventures, developers have adjusted storage options to respond to local needs. In fact, most of the storage facilities in the city offer RV parking spaces. If you’re looking for more protection for your prized vehicle, you’ll also find individual enclosed units that can house an RV and boats.

Amenities to consider in your self storage choices

Aside from the standard, non-climate-controlled options, climate-controlled units are also available in a range of sizes if you need to store more sensitive items, like paperwork. You can even find large climate-controlled units if you need to take special care of particularly big items, like antique furniture or art.

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Storage units can be outdoor or indoor. Outdoor units are usually larger and have much easier access, especially for bulky belongings, which you can drive right up to your unit. Indoor units, on the other hand, offer more security and protection from the elements. That’s why you’ll often see renters using outdoor units for vehicles, tools, sports gear and other items that can resist temperature and humidity variations, while using indoor units for more sensitive items, like books, furniture, seasonal decorations and clothing.

There are approximately 3.8 million net rentable square feet of self storage in Boise, according to Yardi Matrix data. It’s safe to say that Boise has plenty of room for those looking to free up space at home, and with the current price range, it’s hard to see the downsides. If you’re still not sure about what kind of storage you need in Boise, Idaho, check out our handy storage unit size guide and pick the best option for you!


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