Renting self storage is the right answer to all sorts of logistical problems, such as moving house, remodeling, or simply needing more storage space at home. Houston residents are in luck when it comes to self storage – there are about 336 facilities in the area to choose from, and the prices are quite affordable.

The average street rate for standard 10×10 storage units in Houston stands at $84 per month, according to Yardi Matrix data, much lower than in most big cities around the country. By way of comparison, the street rate for a self storage unit in San Jose, California stands at $170 per month for the same type of unit.

It’s important to choose the right storage facility and the right unit for your needs. The location of the facility and the amenities provided by it, the unit size and whether it is climate-controlled or not are all factors to consider before renting. Here’s how to make sure that you pick a facility that suits all your storage needs.

1. Location, location, location

Location is essential when it comes to real estate, be it houses, apartments or self-storage units. It’s important that the storage facility you’ll be using is located as conveniently as possible so you can access it easily. You don’t want to waste time on the road, driving to or from the facility – it really defies the purpose of self storage, which is to make your life go smoother.

Pay attention not only to the distance between your home and the storage facility, but also to how busy the roads are in the area. If a storage facility is close to your home but driving there takes you through an area with frequent traffic jams, it’s probably better to pick a different one.

Your daily itinerary should also be taken into account – maybe it’s easier for you to pick up and drop off stuff before or after work, or while running your errands. In such cases, select a storage facility that’s close to your workplace, the gym where you work out, or the retail areas you like to frequent.

You can find the Houston self-storage location that is perfect for your needs on StorageCafe in just a few seconds. This website allows you to search for facilities based on neighborhoods, ZIP codes, or by selecting an area directly on the map. The last-named search option is extremely helpful, not least for newcomers to Houston who are not yet familiar with the different neighborhoods of the city, street names and so on.

2. Decide on the amenities

Amenities are the second factor to consider when searching for the best self storage facility, and you should start by analyzing your needs. Assuming that you’re working long or irregular hours, a facility that offers 24-hour access might be the right choice for you. If you like convenience, maybe you should pick a facility that has a kiosk available, or, if you’re planning to store heavy items, make sure the facility has units with drive-up access.

  • Climate-controlled units might be needed in Houston’s heat

You also must decide between a climate-controlled unit and a standard one. Climate-controlled units are usually a little more expensive. However, considering the Houston weather, the things you plan on storing and the length of time you plan to store them, climate-controlled units might be the right choice, at least in certain situations.

Summers are extremely hot in Houston, and heat can damage delicate or expensive items. If you are planning to store long-term stuff like collectibles, books, antiques, pricey furniture and other items that could be damaged by long-term exposure to heat, it’s better to rent a climate-controlled unit.

If you are storing things short-term, or if the items you are keeping in your self storage unit are durable and not affected by heat – tools and equipment, for example – you can definitely opt for a standard unit. The STORAGECafe platform also allows you to set up a price range, thus helping you stick to your budget.

To conclude, once you have decided on the amenities that are important for you — whether they are 24h access, onsite manager, RV parking, drive-up access or something else — you can search for Houston facilities on STORAGECafe based on that.

STORAGECafe website search

3. Pick the right unit size

Picking the right unit size really makes a difference in terms of budget and efficiency. Renting a storage unit that’s a lot bigger than you actually need is a waste of money. The reverse is also true: Cramming your belongings into a unit that’s way too small increases the chance of damaging them, and so could also end up costing you extra money.

Estimating what size of unit to rent can be difficult, so here are a few simple guidelines that will help you make the right choice. Small units, such as 4×5 or 5×5, are about the size of a bedroom closet, and will hold a few boxes, some pliable chairs and a twin mattress. A 10×10 unit is the same size as a small bedroom or a large bathroom. You can use it for storing the furniture from a studio apartment – sofa, coffee table, bedroom set, shelves – and a few boxes of stuff. It’s also suitable for keeping tools, equipment, garden furniture and other seasonal items.

Large units, such as the 10×10 and 10×20 sizes, can hold the belongings of an average household and are ideal for when you are moving or remodeling your entire home. Many storage facilities also have extra-large units, suitable for RVs, boats and other oversized vehicles.

4. Book your unit

As soon as you have selected the facility that suits your needs, based on location and amenities, and you have decided on the unit size you want, go to that property’s page. Check out the unit sizes that are available, and the prices for each size. Then, contact the facility in order to book your unit.

5. Start your search by checking out these three great self storage facilities in Houston

Interested in finding a self storage facility in Houston that suits all your needs? Check out these three amazing options that provide a wide array of unit sizes and amenities.

This Life Storage facility offers personal self storage, commercial storage, vehicle storage and wine storage. Amenities include electronic gates and security cameras, and drive-up access to most units. You can opt for climate-controlled units or for regular ones, and the onsite manager is available to help you. Prices vary between $30 and north of $100, depending on the size of the unit and the features that come with it.

Conveniently located on Highway 6 North, ensuring easy access, this storage facility is fully fenced, well lit and has video surveillance, and therefore offers a perfectly safe environment for your belongings. Deliveries are accepted, and dollies and carts are available to help you move heavy or very large items.

Unit sizes vary from small 5×5 ones to large, 10×25 and 10×30 ones, while prices start at around $30 and go up to more than $150. You can choose between climate-controlled units and regular ones, and you can access your items 7 days per week, from 5 am to 10 pm.

This storage facility offers a variety of unit sizes, from 5×5 lockers to generous 12×30 spaces. You can go for either climate-controlled or standard units. The facility also sells boxes and supplies for moving, and offers truck rental services. Prices hover at around $40 for small unit sizes, around $200 for the large ones, and up to $300 for extra-large units.

Amenities include 24-hour accessibility, drive-up access to ground floor units, and an onsite manager. The entire facility is fitted with security cameras, and parking is free for customers.

Whether you’re currently moving to Houston or you’re already a seasoned resident who needs some extra storage space, make sure you select a conveniently located self storage unit that is close to your home or your workplace. Select the amenities based on your needs and on how long, and for what types of items, you are planning to use the unit. It’s equally important to get the right unit size, to avoid wasting money or damaging your belongings. All of these things can be easily done on STORAGECafe, in just a couple of minutes so enjoy all that free time you have left over by exploring the amazing city of Houston.


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