Surrounded by miles of green fields and bustling dairy farms, Santa Fe, TX, is the perfect place if you’re looking to escape the big city while enjoying a more natural landscape – even downtown streets are lined with lush trees.

If you miss the buzz of a more vibrant city, Santa Fe is actually not far from Galveston Island and Houston, which lies 35 miles to the north. As such, Santa Fe’s close-knit community has great access to both the beach and the big city, while also enjoying nature on their doorstep.

If that sounds like your kind of town, here’s what you need to know before moving to Santa Fe.

1. How big is Santa Fe, TX?

Santa Fe is a relatively small city in Galveston County, Texas, and is a suburb of Houston. It has a population of around 13,000 and a total area of 17.3 sq mi. Incorporated in 1978, Santa Fe manages to retain a small-town vibe, despite being only 35 miles south of downtown Houston.

2. What’s the weather like in Santa Fe, TX?

Santa Fe comes with a humid subtropical climate. As you’d expect in the South, summers are hot and humid and winters are mild. The average annual temperature is around 69 degrees F, but you also get over two months when temperatures exceed 90 degrees F.

Whether it’s summer or winter, caring for your belongings is essential in Santa Fe. To protect from the summer heat and year-round humidity, you should place sensitive items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, books and musical instruments in a storage unit. Go for a climate-controlled one to make sure they have the proper conditions to keep all their properties.

Santa Fe Trail, TX, in the summer
Santa Fe Trail, TX, in the summer

3. What is the Santa Fe, TX job market like?

Santa Fe’s proximity to a number of employment hubs makes it a convenient base from which to commute. The most common jobs held by residents of Santa Fe are in management occupations, although almost an equal amount are employed in sales and related occupations. Meanwhile, the highest paid residents tend to work in production occupations. In terms of specific industries, manufacturing is the most common sector in terms of the number of employees, followed by health care and social assistance.

Businesses employing Santa Fe residents can benefit from the perks of using self storage. Manufacturing businesses can turn to storage to keep additional merchandise. The health care industry can also make use of the service as medical equipment and medical records can sit in a storage unit instead of taking up space in the main place of business.

4. Transportation in Santa Fe, TX

Santa Fe has no bus or train services within the city, the majority of residents use private vehicles to get around. With State Highway 6 running through the center of the city, it’s well-connected, and journeys to downtown Houston or Galveston Island are manageable. Almost 90% of workers in Santa Fe commute using a private vehicle.

5. College education opportunities in Santa Fe, TX

The city is served by the Santa Fe Independent School District, which operates four public schools within the city limits. In addition, there are numerous high ranking private schools in and around the city. There are no institutions of higher education in the city itself, although the city is served by the College of the Mainland, with several campuses nearby.

Whether they’re living in a dorm or sharing an apartment with roommates, students don’t get to enjoy spacious abodes. Therefore, they can turn to self storage to better manage their living space. Bulky and seasonal items can sit in a storage unit until they can be used again. Moreover, students can put their belongings in a storage unit over the summer when the school year ends instead of moving them back home. They can get them back in the fall without the hassle of an out-of-town or out-of-state move.

6. Santa Fe, TX, entertainment

Runge Park, complete with pavilion, playgrounds and sports fields, is a great place to take the kids, walk the dog, or simply relax in the shade. Several stores, large and small, as well as cafes and restaurants, can be found dotted around the town, while the beach is only a 25-minute drive away.

Santa Fe Trail, Texas, USA
Santa Fe Trail, TX

7. What is Santa Fe, TX, famous for?

Santa Fe is well-known for its tight-knit community spirit and small, almost rural vibe. Much of the surrounding fields are used for dairy farming, while even the most urban parts of the city are shaded by impressive oaks. Fresh, clean air and a wonderful warm climate throughout the year add to the outdoorsy vibe of the city.

8. What does the moving process to Santa Fe, TX, involve?

If you’re considering moving to Santa Fe, you’ll first want to peruse the local listings to find the ideal place for you. It’s worth doing your research to find the best area, bearing in mind that a railway line runs through the center of the city. Next, you can begin preparing for your move.

Santa Fe very rarely sees any snow, so if you’re coming from Colorado, you can leave the skis behind! Don’t forget to change your address on your driver’s license and other important documents, and bear in mind that you’ll only have 30 days to register your car in Texas.

When you’re ready for the big move, it’s time to start packing your life away into boxes. Hiring a moving company to haul your stuff from point A to point B is always a great idea, and some companies will even help you pack and unpack.

Wherever you’re moving from, it’s always a good idea to consider renting a storage facility in advance. Here, you can place as many of your possessions as you need until you’re ready to fully move in. Plus, if a problem arises and you’re not able to move into your new home right away, having a storage option to use will give you peace of mind and a reliable plan B.

9. What are the costs of moving to Santa Fe, TX?

For out-of-state moves, the California to Texas route is by far the most popular, so if you’re among those relocating from the West Coast, you’re looking at anywhere from $1,200 to $8,000 to move.

For moves within Texas, relocating from Dallas or Austin might cost a couple of thousand dollars.

10. Is Santa Fe, TX a good place to move to?

Santa Fe is particularly suitable for those looking to live in a more rural area, while enjoying the benefits of the city close at hand. The city also enjoys low crime rates, a good public school system as well as a number of highly rated private schools, and a moderate cost of living. Let’s see the stats behind the accolades.

Moving from Sugar Land, TX, to Santa Fe, TX

When you’re moving from Sugar Land to Santa Fe, you get to enjoy a quieter city, especially if you’re looking to leave behind a crowded urban setting. The city offers a slew of various industries, so finding a new job shouldn’t be too challenging. Additionally, living here comes with a higher-than-average household income to help you live comfortably.

Moving from Pearland, TX, to Santa Fe, TX

Pearland is one of the most populous cities in the Houston metro area, and it seems that for many locals, Santa Fe presents the small-town attraction that makes people move there. At $293K, a Santa Fe home comes with an affordable price tag, compared to Pearland’s, which is over $363K, according to Zillow data. Santa Fe also provides plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, thanks to the various hiking trails and fishing spots you can find locally.

11. Housing options in Santa Fe, TX

After moving here, finding a place live is probably high on your list of priorities. As a family-friendly place, Santa Fe has a housing stock dominated by homeowners (85%). You’re likely to find a single family home here if you have a family and need the extra living space a house offers. To make sure your home stays orderly, turn to self storage to keep seasonal items such as home décor, outdoor gear and more in a storage unit to avoid creating clutter. You can also use the service when you’re taking on a home improvement project. Place belongings from the area under construction in a storage unit until the project is completed. Another instance when the service can help is if you’re working from home. You’ve more than likely turned a corner of a room into your home office. You can put the displaced furniture in storage instead of cramming it in another area of your home.

If you go for apartment living, you might discover that your living space is considerably smaller compared to what single homeowners typically get to enjoy. Therefore, to make the most of your Santa Fe apartment, you can also use self storage to keep seasonal and bulky items so that they create clutter in your home.

Interior of Santa Fe, TX, apartment with comfortable sofa and table with spring flowers
Interior of Santa Fe, TX, apartment with comfortable sofa and table with spring flowers

12. What are the storage options in Santa Fe, TX?

Fortunately, Santa Fe has a number of storage options within the city which means finding your ideal Santa Fe, TX storage unit should be easy. Once you decide on the facility that’s closest to your home, consider which unit size you need. Most people rent a 10’x10’ unit, but your needs might require different sizes. A 5’x5’ unit is ideal for seasonal décor and small outdoor gear, while a 5’x10’ unit is great for larger items such as chairs or a dresser. If you’re moving, a  10’x15’ unit is large enough to accommodate the belongings from a two-bedroom apartment.

For the contents of larger homes – such as a three-bedroom or four-bedroom home – you can consider a 10’x20’ or 10’x30’ unit. To get a full picture of the kind of unit you might need, consult this storage unit size guide. Regardless of the size, pick a climate-controlled unit if you’re storing items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity.

To find Santa Fe, TX self storage listings, check out the StorageCafe portal.


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