10'x15' Storage Units

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How big is a 10'x15' storage unit?

A 10'x15' storage unit covers 150 square feet. A regular unit with this floor space would have a capacity of 1,200 cubic feet. These units are a little smaller than a regular one-car garage, and their dimensions can also be compared to a reasonable-sized bedroom.

Their size makes them very useful for people who are moving and are temporarily storing some of their belongings. Also, many businesses that need extra storage space find that this unit size can fit their needs very well.

How much will a 10'x15' storage unit hold?

Units of this size can accommodate all the furniture from two or three regular-sized bedrooms or an apartment. Alternatively, there is room for the furniture from a large bedroom, including couches, chairs and shelves, plus some kitchen appliances. Motorcycles or a piano can easily fit in here, and there would still be room for some boxes or a variety of tools.

Will a car fit in a 10'x15' storage unit?

The 10'x15' storage unit is the smallest unit size you can possibly consider when planning to store a car. However, not all cars will fit in such a unit — only smaller, compact cars. The best way to determine whether your car can be comfortably parked in a 10'x15' unit is to measure the length of your vehicle. Make sure you have some wiggle room, as you don't want to damage your car when opening and closing the storage unit's door. Larger cars, on the other hand, might require a larger unit size, such as the 10'x20' unit.

Can a king-size bed fit in a 10'x15' storage unit?

Yes, a king-size bed can easily fit in a 10'x15' storage unit. In fact, such a unit can hold two king-sized beds, the mattresses, and all the other furniture and belongings from the respective bedrooms, with some room to spare.

How do you pack a 10'x15' storage unit?

A 10'x15' storage unit offers a generous space and, if you pack it carefully, you can store a sizable number of belongings in one. Start with the largest items you need to store: vehicles, furniture and appliances. Think vertically and stack stuff based on weight, from the heaviest items to the lightest. It is important that you leave enough space inside the unit so you can reach your belongings easily. You don't want to be forced to move around or take half of your stuff outside in order to get access to something you really need. It is a great idea to organize the unit based on types of belongings — for example, with all the tools in one area and all the clothes in another area. It is much easier to know where your stuff is if you apply this rule.

How much does a 10'x15' storage unit cost?

Renting such a unit comes with a price tag of around $167 at a national level. However, that price can go up or down, depending on local market conditions. Also, you should know that renting a climate-controlled 10'x15' self storage unit is generally more expensive than renting a regular one.

The 10'x15' storage unit allows you to store a large number of belongings, including large pieces of furniture, appliances, and other belongings. This makes the 10'x15' storage unit one of the most popular choices for families that are moving. You can rent a 10'x15' storage unit located close to your new home and use it to store your items as you pack them. Start by packing the items you don't use at the moment (out-of-season clothing, books, artwork, guest bedroom furniture, and so on). Drop off (or ship) the belongings to the storage unit. This way, by the time moving day comes, a significant proportion of your belongings will already be close to home, making things a lot easier on you.