Fort Myers is a Floridian city situated on the Caloosahatchee River. With year-round recreational opportunities, enviable weather and employment opportunities, it’s easy to see why Fort Myers was named one of the fastest-growing places in the U.S. It’s no wonder people decide to move here. If you’ve made Fort Myers your home recently or if you’re a student or a local business, self storage might be able to help make the most of your Fort Myers experience. Renting a Fort Myers, Florida storage unit can cost anywhere between $24 to $1,000+/month, depending on the unit size of your choice.

Let’s take a look at how self storage can help you in Fort Myers:

1. Corporations and health care providers

The local employment scene is rich with opportunities in tourism, health care, retail and more. Companies such as Chico’s FAS and Publix are headquartered in Fort Myers. Locals can also commute to Estero to work at Hertz Global Holdings. Moreover, Radiology Regional and Hope Hospice are some of the largest employers in the city.

Whether it’s for keeping records or medical devices, renting a self storage unit can come in handy for both corporate businesses and medical centers. It’s a useful service that can support them when there isn’t enough room to store documents and other items on the premises of their business.

2. Construction businesses

With more people moving into and within the city, Fort Myers has seen the residential sector increase its inventory over the last decade. Close to 12K apartments were delivered between 2012-2021 – 40% of total inventory. For the same time period, the self storage sector – an industry that grows in tandem with multi-family construction – has also seen the addition 1.8M square feet of self storage space for the same period.

Fort Myers River Apartments

Self storage can also be a boon for construction businesses as they can rent a unit to keep construction materials and tools close to the construction site. It saves them from transporting equipment to the construction site daily.

3. Local festival and event organizers

Whether you live here or you’re visiting, Fort Myers has a host of fun events to entertain you throughout the year. In winter, the Fort Myers Seafood & Music Festival is an event where you can enjoy seafood while listening to amazing music. As for springtime, you can celebrate the Irish culture during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, but you can also experience films from all over the world at the Fort Myers Beach Film Festival. Summer and fall also afford plenty of opportunities for fun events, with the Fort Myers Music Walk, the Car Cruise-In and the Southern Fresh Farms Fall Festival.

Since festivals fall across such a large spectrum of events and activities, it’s easy to see how organizers could benefit from a space where they can keep festival- and event-related items. And self storage can obviously come to the rescue providing the space needed for storing tents, chairs, and other items used for the festivals.

4. Cultural institutions

Fort Myers is awash with museums and art galleries. For history buffs, Edison & Ford Winter Estates, the winter homes of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford, could be an ideal spot to learn something new. Art fans will find no better place in town than the Fort Myers Beach Art Association and Gallery, where local artwork is on display. The Imaginarium (IMAG) is another impressive museum where scientific exhibits can help you learn more about the world and Fort Myers.

When not on display, museum exhibits also need a home. While some of them can fit in the storerooms at their respective museum, a lot of them won’t. Therefore, putting them in a storage unit is ideal. Not only does it relieve cultural institutions of the challenge of finding extra room for them, but climate-controlled units provide the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for special exhibits to preserve their qualities.

5. Sports teams

Fort Myers is home to the Florida Eels, a Tier III junior hockey program in the USPHL. They have two teams, with one of them in the Elite Division. Both teams made it to Nationals several times and boast an overall good performance. You can catch them at the Fort Myers Skatium when they’re playing locally. Moreover, Fort Myers plays host to the City of Palms Classic, an annual high school basketball tournament that’s been in existence since 1973.

Sports teams can also make use of self storage to keep sports equipment and other sports-related paraphernalia, especially during the off-season. They can retrieve the items later when the new season resumes.

6. Residents

If you’re a Fort Myers resident, you can also turn to self storage. Here’s how the service can help you if you’re:

  • Apartment dwellers

Living in an apartment means you often enjoy less living space compared to being a homeowner. That’s why making the most of your living space is paramount to enjoying your life in Fort Myers. You can put seasonal and bulky items in a storage unit so you can make better use of your living space. You can also retrieve them when you can use them again.

Fort Myers Beach

  • Homeowners

Homeowners can also turn to self storage well beyond moving. Seasonal, bulky and hobby-related items can sit in a storage unit until they’re used again. The service is also useful if you’re taking up a home remodeling project. You can keep the belongings from the area under construction in a storage unit for the duration of the project. Also, if you’re enlarging your family, you might need extra room to keep some of your household items. This is another instance when renting a storage unit can help, as excess furniture and other household items sitting in the room that became the bedroom for the new family member can sit in a storage unit.

7. Students

Fort Myers has plenty of higher education options to choose from if you’re a prospective student. You can consider the Lee Campus of Florida SouthWestern State College, the Florida Gulf Coast University, Hodges University or the Fort Myers Technical College, with the latter offering programs from carpentry to early childhood education.

Students attending a Fort Myers college and university are likely to see the benefits of renting self storage. They can put seasonal and bulky items in a storage unit to make the most of their living space -whether they’re renting an apartment with roommates or living in a dorm. Moreover, a storage unit can come in handy at the end of the school year – belongings can sit in a storage unit until they can be retrieved when the new term resumes in the fall.

8. Outdoor enthusiasts

If you’re in Fort Myers, the beach is the first thing that comes to mind if you’re looking for outdoor activities. You can spend the day on Sanibel Island – only an hour away from Fort Myers – where some of the best beaches in Florida are. You can swim, dolphin watch or go fishing. You can also go parasailing, shelling or biking on the 25 miles of trails.

Florida Fort Myers Pier beach

Besides beaches, Fort Myers affords you plenty of other opportunities to go out and about. You can head out to the Calusa Blueway Paddling Trail, which spans 200 miles. This is a popular place for canoeing, kayaking and paddleboarding.

When you’re taking a break from enjoying the outdoors, you can turn to self storage to help you keep your outdoor items, whether it’s fishing gear, a paddleboard or a canoe, so that your home stays uncluttered. You can retrieve your hobby gear when you’re ready to spend time outdoors.


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