Your home is more than just a space; it’s a sanctuary for relaxation, recharging and expressing your true self. To create a Zen-like atmosphere, choosing the right furniture and decorations is key. But how do you find the perfect style and items? Exploring online stores and visiting physical shops are great options, but for more personalized inspiration, turning to social media can be incredibly helpful. With influencers covering every imaginable niche, you can find practical, actionable decorating advice by browsing their Instagram accounts. They offer a wealth of ideas to help you transform your home into a space that truly reflects your personal taste and goals for tranquility.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 home décor influencers to follow on Instagram.

1. Becki Owens

Becki Owens is the owner of Amber Interiors, a design firm focused on residential and commercial spaces such as boutiques. They use a California-inspired approach to design, with the intent of turning a house into a home, from the design stage to consulting with architects and builders as well providing the finishing touches in terms of furniture and personalized décor.

You can turn to Amber Interior to have access to not only full design and building services, but also to retail shop to find the pieces that can bring your vision for your new home to life. You can find furniture and decorations that embrace natural elements, earthy textures and colorful textiles.

Amber Interior projects can be seen in a number of places across the US, including California, Texas, New York, Montana and Tennessee. You can find Becki and her business on her Instagram @beckiowens.

modern living room sofa and armchair with vase of grass

2. Amie Freling-Brown

A designer and an artist, Amie Freling-Brown infuses traditional design with whimsicality as she serves many of her clients, from restaurants to residential owners. She has a line of home accessories you can find in retail stores across the country as well as decorative hardware carried by True Value Hardware.

She also works on her blog, where she talks home décor trends, farmhouse building, farmhouse furniture, bathroom remodeling and more. Amie is also a contributing design editor for the local newspaper and has seen her work being featured in Paint Décor by Better Homes and Gardens, Rochester Magazine and others. On Instagram, you can reach her @memehillstudio.

3. Ryan Haus Interiors

At the Ryan Haus Interiors, you can get amazing home décor advice that can help you turn your home into a sanctuary, a place to find peace and happiness. Bonnie Ryan, the founder of Ryan Haus Interiors, creates blog posts about all things home renovations inspired by the work she’s been doing on her own homes, whether we’re talking backsplash choices or choosing a builder. You can also find advice on holiday season must-haves, holiday gift guides and more.

She’s the proud owner of a home in Washington State and another one in Edmonton. You can see which furniture and décor choices she’s made for both homes and shop what you like from either home as she shares links to items in both homes on her blog. For more décor inspiration, find her on Instagram @ryanhaus.

Cozy living room interior with knitted blanket on comfortable sofa

4. Studio McGee

A business idea born from remodeling their own home, Studio McGee offers a space for all things interior design and fashion. Their main philosophy is making aspirational interior design approachable – sharing paint colors or where they found their furniture helped to create an entire community on Instagram.

On their website, you can find furniture by category, whether you’re looking for dining tables, bar & counter stools, rugs or you’re shopping for specific pieces by room. You can also consult their website to browse for home decorations – holiday-specific or not. You can find them on Instagram @studiomcgee.

5. Kate Rumson

If design, home building and luxury real estate is what interests you, then Kate Rumson is probably your go-to influencer. She is behind The Real Houses of Instagram, an account that has over two million followers interested in the topic. Kate boasts over a decade of experience in design, remodeling, building, buying and selling real estate.

Kate has become a household name when it comes to all things home, whether it’s design or real estate-related and her clients include global brands such as Honeywell, Huber, Rockwool, Emtek, GE and others. You can find her on Instagram @katerumson.

6. Julia Marcum

Julia Marcum is another Instagram influencer who is passionate about all things home décor and home renovations, with a modern cottage design slant. On the “Chris Loves Julia” blog, they documented both their family history and their home remake history. You can get design inspiration, shopping inspiration – they have a “Shop our house” section as well as a home décor line of their own, which includes rugs, pillows and other home décor items in various textures and colors.

They also offer influencer advice and mentorship through the “Good Influencer” platform, where you can connect with other like-minded individuals looking to embrace “influencing” to promote content or their business. You can find them on Instagram under the @chrislovesjulia handle.

7. Liz Marie

Meet Liz Marie, an interior designer, blogger and author. She’s passionate about blogging, where she finds easy to focus on design and décor through the many home projects she’s been taking on. She’s passionate about bloggings, which allows her to express her passion for design and DIY home remodeling and décor. On her blog, you can find all sorts of useful advice if you’re looking to give your home a cozy makeover, complete with product recommendations or seasonal design inspiration.

Liz Marie is also a published author with two books under her belt. Her first book – Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love The Feeling of Being Home landed her on The Today Show with Hoda & Jenna. Moreover, Create Your Own Cozy, her latest book, has recently been released. You can find Lisa Marie on Instagram @lizmariegalvan.

8. A Blissful Nest

For all things home décor, you can head over to @blissfulnest, an account supported by Rebekah Leach Dempsey, owner, creative director and interior designer living in Celina, Texas. On her blog, Rebekah offers actionable advice on holiday gifting, Christmas decorating, fall décor, summer entertaining essentials and more ideas to craft your dream home.

You can also shop for curated household items, as well as Amazon finds for your home from her blog. Rebekah also wrote a book – A Blissful Nest – which offers inspiration for a stylish and well-arranged home, going room by room.

cute, cozy pallet furniture with colorful pillows at summer patio

9. Blissful Home Décor

Blissful Home Décor is a great home-centric Instagram account where Stephanie Padilla shares bits and pieces of home life, whether it’s décor or recipes she prepares with love and care. She blogs about these topics, giving you seasonal insights into how to elevate your décor game based on seasonality and more.

Besides home décor advice and recipes, she also has a “Shop My Home” section on her blog where you can find furniture, home décor, kitchen appliances and other household items she uses in her home. Find her on Instagram @blissfulhomedecor.

10. Meredith Lynn Designs

Another intriguing Instagram account @meredithlynndesigns, has Meredith, its creator, on a quest to offer simple, actionable design advice that’s approachable and budget-friendly.
On Meredith’s blog, you can find various posts that focus on interior design that room-specific, décor ideas and styles. She’s also had her Philly home featured in Apartment Therapy, Design Mom and The Glitter Guide.

Honorable mention: StorageCafe

At StorageCafe, we’re dedicated to providing valuable insights on home organization and space optimization. Our team shares well-tested methods and handy tips to help you make the most of your living spaces. We believe our Instagram feed, @StorageCafe, could be a great source of inspiration for you, too.

How self storage can help with redecorating your home

Finding inspiration for redecorating your home or a single room is easy with the plethora of ideas from influencers’ accounts. After selecting your new furniture and décor, consider the integration with your existing items. Often, redecoration means displacing some old furniture. If it’s still in good condition and you might want to use it later or pass it on to a family member, self storage is a practical solution. Renting a standard 10’x10’ unit, typically at about $126/month, can be cost-effective. For furniture, a climate-controlled unit is advisable. It maintains optimal temperature and humidity, protecting your items from potential damage.

Another key aspect of self storage is its monthly rental option, offering great flexibility. This means you can conveniently store home goods, appliances, and other belongings for just the duration of your renovation. Happy decorating!


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