The DIY bandwagon has been more crowded than the NYC subway at rush hour, especially since the pandemic started and a lot of people took on new hobbies with newfound time on their hands. It started out as a potentially therapeutic pastime, but with newly acquired skills, you could find yourself emboldened to tackle more complex projects that are not only a hobby but are also practical and add value to your life. As you might have taken up more than one type of home improvement project, you also might have noticed the surplus of supplies that crept their way into the living room, dining room and practically everywhere.

If you’re also among those Americans who also downsized their home, you have even less room to house all the materials for your next shiny project. If we’re honest for a second, nobody loves a crowded home. Why not outsource your storage space? You can always turn to self storage to keep your materials. This is especially useful in cities such as Denver, Colorado, Columbus, Ohio and Washington D.C. , where home sizes are below the national average (2,611 sq. ft.), based on a report looking at home size evolution in the past decade. While national self storage rates stand at around $127/month, in Columbus, Ohio, you’d pay around $90/month and in Denver, Colorado, a storage unit rents for $128/month. As D.C. ($167/month) is a more competitive market, self storage comes with higher rates here.

With the aid of self storage in mind, you can easily tackle DIY projects at your heart’s content. Here are some common projects you can consider to beautify your home and more and add new functionality:

1. Home décor & crafting

Making your own home décor has always been a fun and original way to put your mark on your home. Whether you’re framing a sports T-shirt or you’re creating a fun balloon weight for a party, you always start with supplies. And if you’re often making trips to Michael’s or Target to get a few more things, your home can quickly get cluttered. However, you can still buy your supplies in advance while keeping a tidy and breezy home.

crafting and DIY home decor

Turn to self storage and store your glue, paper, and every item you use for your creations. If you’re creating home décor just for yourself, you might find a 5’x5’ unit to be an ideal size for your supplies. If, however, you have your own business, then perhaps a larger unit could serve you. A 5’x10’ or a 10’x10’ unit could be more accommodating. You can consult this storage unit size guide if you’re not sure which unit is best for you.

2. Home improvement projects

Tackling home improvement projects such as building a new shelf or reconditioning an old cabinet can be a fun project. But if you’re looking at changing your kitchen cabinet or retiling the floors yourself – which requires skilled labor – it can take a toll on your home space. If you’re upgrading your windows and your doors yourself or turning to a contractor, you still need to find extra room for all these materials.

A lot of times, when you’re giving your kitchen a new face, painting the walls or even installing wallpaper requires even more supplies. To make sure you’re not encumbering your home space, find a self storage facility near your home. Renting a 5’x5’ should probably do the job, but if you’re looking to store additional materials, a 5’x10’ would be more appropriate.

3. DIY furniture projects

If you’ve decided that working remotely is your favorite way to work, having a comfortable workspace is essential. Whether you went for a standing desk or not, when you work from home, you have more freedom in personalizing your home office. And what better way to do that than by building your own desk to make sure it suits your needs. Additionally, if you’ve welcomed a new member into your family, DYIng a baby crib can also be something you might tackle – especially now when you don’t need to commute, and you have the extra time to tackle other projects in your free time. If you decide to work on several projects, it’s better to put the supplies in a storage unit until you’re ready to get started. A 5’x10’ or a 10’x10’ unit would be ideal to house the construction supplies you are about to use.

Furniture DIY

4. Outdoor DIY projects

Adding a lattice to your garden or retiling your garden path or building a shed – all doable if you’re committing to learning from an online tutorial – is sure to make you want to spend more time outside your home in the summertime. If you’re looking at tackling a more complex project, such as adding a fire pit or installing an outdoor shower station, consider the assistance of professionals, unless you’re a skilled laborer yourself. Either way, these projects mean you will need a space to keep all the supplies until the work is complete. Instead of keeping it all on the premises – think of how that will make your yard look, and whether your HOA association will even permit it – you could find a self storage unit in the neighborhood. Since this type of project might call for a larger storage space, a 10’x10’ unit is probably the best unit size choice to make sure everything will fit. Besides, if there’s any room left in your unit, you could even store other household items such as seasonal décor or bulky winter clothing until you need them again.

5. DIY jewelry and accessories

If you’re passionate about making DYI earrings, bracelets and even accessories, you might try to squeeze in a storage area in your living room or your bedroom. But if you’re really passionate and have lots of supplies, it is better to put some of them in storage. Make an inventory of all your supplies and decide for which projects they’re best suited. Next, flesh out a DYI timeline to help you prioritize your projects. Whether you’re making jewelry as Christmas gifts for your family, friends or co-workers, you can still pursue your passion without cluttering your home.

DIY Jewelry

6. DIY projects for pets

Whenever tackling DYI projects for your pet, it’s worth it to consider self storage if you have several pets. You could be making cat beds or a cute birdcage, and before you know it, your friends and family are commissioning the same projects for you. This is the moment when you realize that the stack of supplies is starting to grow in your home. Rent a self storage unit (a 5’x5’ or a 5’x10’) to keep your supplies away from your living space while your home remains orderly.

7. Event & party ideas

You may have started creating party decorations as a hobby, but now others notice you have a knack for beautiful décor. If you’re thinking of taking the leap into starting your own business, you can continue to keep your home as your main workshop but without the clutter. In this case, you can move most of your supplies into storage. Keep only those you’re using for active projects in your home to keep your living space tidy.

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