LA is a city of many things — gorgeous Californian weather, stunning ocean views and Hollywood. Since it’s a center for the arts,  bohemians thrive in the City of Angels. Of those who marry beauty and practicality, interior designers find it a place to practice their profession, where they can help people create beautiful living spaces. If you’re on the lookout for new ideas to style your home — whether you’re considering popular home designs in 2022 or a classic look — and to make the most of your space, interior design blogs can come to the rescue to give you a starting point.

We’ve done the legwork so that you can find the best interior design blogs in Los Angeles to help you with your current needs:

1. The Tao of Dana

Dana, the founder of  The Tao of Dana blog is a Feng Shui enthusiast who’s masterful at helping you improve your living space in a creative way so that you can live your best life in your home. In her blog posts, you can find great ideas on how to get your rooms where you want them to be. She uses the popular method of life-changing design. Find tips for your DIY projects, wellness innovations and how to get over creative blocks. Art, color, plants and decluttering are just parts of the magic she offers in her posts.

2. Cococozy

Cococozy started out as a side project for Colette “Coco” Shelton’s in 2008 and is a place for all things decor. Originally a place to document Coco’s home renovation, the blog evolved into an intriguing repository of design trends with advice on how to dress your home inside and out with tips on home decor, seasonal essentials, individual room design and more. You can catch Coco on the CoCoCozy Design House series on Amazon Prime Video, featuring the remodeling of a Spanish-style abode.


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3. Justina Blakeney

Behind the Justina Blakeney blog is the interior designer bearing the same name. The blog is an explosion of color, plants, exciting design ideas and more. Behind it all is Justina’s belief that good design plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life. Ever since 2017, the Jungalow online shop has been showcasing original Justina Blakeney and Jungalow designs meant to help you decorate to your heart’s content! Moreover, you can find her designs in the Jungalow x Opalhouse collection you’ve likely seen at Target.

4. Old Brand New

Old Brand New is another amazing interior design blog in the LA area. Founded by the blogger, photographer, artist and decor guru Dabito, Old Brand New is a platform where he can teach you how to use color creatively, DIY elements of your home and mix modern and vintage pieces. The blog’s author is also behind the impressive photography in the bestselling series The New Bohemians Handbook. Thanks to the great online design resources and the amazing work behind his creative studio, Dabito has earned the recognition of various news outlets, such as the New York Times, Architectural Design, the Los Angeles Times and more.


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5. Lori Dennis

Lori Dennis’s blog is the place where the HGTV celebrity, TED speaker, bestselling author and design influencer helps you craft an organic lifestyle space that oozes luxury, wellness and balanced living. In her posts, Lori addresses residential, hospitality and commercial interiors, exteriors and landscape-related issues all the while keeping sustainability as a core value. Her design firm, Lori Dennis LLC, also works with a licensed and bonded construction company, allowing you to combine design and construction if you’re looking to give your home a major overhaul. Lori has appeared in the New York Times, House Beautiful and on HGTV, OWN, Bravo and NBC.

6. Decorilla

The Decorilla blog is here to teach you all things design, whether you’re looking for home or office tips. From styling your home on a budget to high-end home decor, the Decorilla blog runs the whole gamut of all things home design, with a focus on room design and interior design trends in general. As an interior decor business, Decorilla promises access to top interior designers who can help with custom-made design packages with 3D renderings of your new room(s) as well as tips and implementation guides.


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7. Eyeswoon

The Eyeswoon blog is a wealth of general lifestyle advice, with home decor among the topics tackled. Simple ideas on how to change the design of your home and how to decorate it complement delicious recipes that make Eyeswoon a true eye candy. Athena Calderone, who is behind the blog’s swoon-worthy content, has also penned the following books: Live Beautiful and Cook Beautiful. Housewares, clothing, shoes and more are also available for sale on the Eyeswoon website.

8. Young House Love

A blog born from the remodeling journey of Sherry and John, Young House Love is a place that documents many design-related topics. You can check out blog posts about their previous homes, before-and-afters for various projects, and home improvement. Additionally, the blog features posts on DIY and decorating tips, painting, cleaning and organization, crafting and art and more. If you browse the “Shop” section of the website, you can find Sherry and John’s favorite home finds, their own lighting line and their book club picks among other things.

9. Jill Seidner Interior Design

One look at the Jill Seidner Interior Design blog and you’ll instantly feel transported to the whimsical world of the most beautiful homes. Her posts tackle space planning, room makeovers, outdoor design, home office design, hospitality design and even office and retail design and a lot more. Her services — including special packages, such as an online complete room design and full interior design services — address Los Angeles residents and more.

10. AR Interiors

The AR Interiors blog is an excellent place to glean inspiration for your next home editing project. You can get advice on remodeling, designing your perfect home office and more. The blog draws from Anna Rosemann — the founder of AR Interiors — whose vision of design mixes the classic and the innovative to create comfortable, luxurious and practical homes. Whether you’re looking to revamp your home or your business space, AR Interiors has you covered from the inception of the project to delivery.

Once you make your pick of an interior designer to help you make your LA abode go from bland to wow, you should also make plans for your home to get your project done. If your makeover involves some minor remodeling, you might find yourself scrambling to shift furniture and other household objects around. That can create a cramped and cluttered space. You can turn to self storage to make your life easier during this time. Renting a self storage unit in Los Angeles costs around $260/month. Most people tend to rent a 10’x10’ unit, but if you’re planning on putting more than a bedroom’s worth of furniture in storage, you will probably need to upgrade the unit size. A 10’x15’ or 10’x20’ unit should do the trick.

Did we help you find your next LA interior designer? Let us know in the comments section below.


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