• Venice, FL offers the best mix between the tranquility of the suburbs and the perks of city life. As one of the best suburban areas in Florida, Venice is well positioned to respond to the increasing demand for housing. The construction market is particularly active, seeing no less than 42.4 building permits per 1,000 people issued in 2022.
  • Doral, FL offers the best housing price-to-income ratio among the top 10 Florida suburbs with urban benefits.
  • With only 10% of the local housing inventory made up of single-family homes, Aventura, FL stands out as the suburb with the most urban look and feel. It also fares better than all other suburbs in the state in terms of shopping options with 12.9 retail establishments per 1,000 people.
  • In Jupiter, FL, safety takes center stage, with the town enjoying one of the lowest crime rates among Florida suburbs.

When it comes to the exciting prospect of relocating, Florida shines as an attractive location for suburbanites. With its perennially warm and sunny climate, stunning beaches, and the allure of no state income tax, the Sunshine State beckons as a haven for families and a prime destination for retirement.

We examined 81 suburban areas in Florida, each with a population ranging from 10K to 100K, to see which smaller cities offer the ideal mix between the tranquility of the suburbs and the perks of city life. Our team analyzed metrics that impact the overall quality of living, such as the local housing market, demographic makeup, entrepreneurial opportunities, quality of education, safety and options for spending free time. Additionally, we included a self storage metric to help newcomers gauge the need for additional storage space to optimize their home space, recognizing the role that self storage often plays during relocation.

Here are the 10 best suburbs for city-like living in Florida and what makes them stand out among all others.



If you’re on the verge of a move to Florida, this list will be your guiding light to discover the best suburban areas. Whether you yearn for the dynamism of city life, a coastal view, or the serenity of a quiet neighborhood, these suburbs strike the perfect balance between the suburban charm and city-like perks.

1. Venice: a prime choice for suburban living with urban perks

Venice, Florida suburban areas in Florida, best places to live in FloridaNestled along the picturesque Gulf Coast, Venice is a prime choice for those seeking to elevate their family lifestyle, as nearly half of the housing inventory comprises single-family homes. The population has grown by 15% in the last five years, and the increasing demand for housing has led to an impressive 42.4 building permits per 1,000 residents.

Venice also stands out as a thriving center for business, with 40.2 establishments per 1,000 residents. This is almost double the national average. This seaside suburb has the best city-like amenities in Florida, ranking at the top. For every 1,000 inhabitants, there are 5.2 restaurants and 2.7 retail establishments.

Beyond its lively entertainment scene, Venice welcomes nature enthusiasts in more than 30 parks, offering a generous 863.6 square feet of park space per capita. Among the city’s best green spaces, you’ll find Paw Park, where furry friends may frolic on the beach, and the scenic Venetian Waterway Park, offering a five-mile biking and hiking trail along both sides of the Intracoastal Waterway.

Venice provides a generous 9.7 rentable square feet of self storage space per capita, helping households easily maximize their living space. Average self storage rates are higher than the national average, at $121.6/month.

The city’s commitment to a high-quality lifestyle is further evidenced by its low obesity rates, ranking among the state’s lowest, and a life expectancy that soars beyond the eight-decade mark.

2. Beachside paradise meets a vibrant business scene in Boca Raton

Boca Raton, Florida Suburban areas in Florida, Best places to live in Florida

This lovely city ranks second in the list of the best Florida suburbs, offering residents an urban feel through its numerous restaurants, coffee shops and parks. Boca Raton is a diverse community, attracting both young professionals and retirees, with nearly 70% of its residents proudly calling themselves homeowners.

Single-family homes dominate the real estate landscape, representing over 50% of the properties, fostering that suburban atmosphere even further. The city’s economic landscape flourishes, featuring nearly 63 businesses per 1,000 residents, far surpassing the national average of 24. This economic vitality is reflected in the substantial average household income of nearly $90,000. Boca Raton also boasts one of the state’s best office and coworking spaces index, ranking an impressive fourth. The percentage of time when cars are used here is among the lowest in the state, with even lower commuting times compared to the national average.

Beyond its thriving business sector, Boca Raton excels in health care and well-being, with the best health index compared to other Florida suburbs. The city offers great health care facilities and social assistance access, boasts low obesity rates, and showcases one of the highest life expectancies across the state.

3. Affordability meets top-notch amenities in Doral

Doral, Florida Suburban Areas in Florida, Best places to live in Florida
Residing in Doral, Florida, presents a balanced blend of affordability, culture and community spirit that makes it an appealing destination for those who want to feel the urban buzz while savoring the comforts of a laid-back suburban lifestyle. Situated in Miami-Dade County, this city stands out through its well-planned neighborhoods, beautiful parks and an international atmosphere.

Doral takes the runner-up position on Florida’s suburbs affordability scale, offering the second-best housing price-to-income ratio for both rent rates and house prices. Construction is evolving at a rapid pace, with 14.4 building permits issued for every 1,000 residents, which creates less pressure from demand even if migration is strong.
With a remarkable 37% population growth over the past five years and a population density of 5,292 individuals per square mile, Doral thrives as a lively community, providing plenty of opportunities for social interaction and building a network of close friends and neighbors.

Doral secures the second spot as a bustling suburban business hub, with an impressive 78.4 businesses per 1,000 residents. Residents have the added bonus of enjoying the world-renowned Doral Golf Resort and Spa, with its stunning golf course and top-notch amenities.

The city’s proximity to Miami International Airport and major highways makes commuting and travel a breeze. Doral’s impressive life expectancy, ranking first in this category, underlines the city’s vibrant atmosphere and the availability of excellent amenities, contributing to a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents.

4. Discover the coastal charm of Jupiter

Jupiter Island in Florida Long coastal beaches along Florida's east coast
Living in Jupiter, Florida, is a testament to the good life. This charming coastal town is nestled in Palm Beach County and offers access to nature, pristine beaches, green space and an overall sense of tranquility appreciated by outdoor lovers, families and even some important celebrities. As you walk down the street you might run into famous people who own homes here, like Michael Jordan, Celine Dion, Tori Amos and Bryant Gumbel.

In Jupiter over 60% of the residences take the form of single-family homes, weaving a close-knit community tapestry. The town’s population density is slightly lower than neighboring areas, offering a sense of privacy for its residents.
Besides, a generous median household income, exceeding $94,000 annually, paves the way for a comfortable lifestyle.

One of the many perks in Jupiter is its accessibility to quality health care, offering 5.1 heath care and social assistance providers per 1,000 people. Safety takes center stage, with the town enjoying one of the lowest crime rates in Florida, while swift and stress-free commuting adds to its appeal.

For those looking for urban-like amenities, the downtown area is buzzing with local businesses, restaurants and cultural events. Jupiter also prides itself on being home to several top-rated schools, making it a popular destination for families with children.
Beyond the allure of the ocean, the town is also bordered by the Loxahatchee River, offering opportunities for boating, fishing and other water-based recreational activities.

5. Palm Beach Gardens is a suburban area that mirrors urban life at its finest

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Tucked away in the heart of picturesque Palm Beach County, this city marries suburban living with city-like luxuries second to none. Residents may spend their free time at the world-renowned golf courses, shop in high-end retail establishments—distributed at a rate of 4.5 per 1,000 residents—or splurge on an array of dining experiences, with 1.8 restaurants per 1,000 people.

The city boasts the fifth-highest median household income in Florida, averaging nearly $100K, affording most families the privilege of indulging in life’s finer pleasures.
For beach enthusiasts and aficionados of water sports, the city presents an ideal playground. Moreover, the thriving outdoor culture contributes to the city’s excellent health index, securing its third place with an optimal blend of health care and social assistance facilities and notably low obesity rates.

Palm Beach Gardens upholds a commitment to family-friendly living, supported by its top-rated schools and a warm community that’s hard to rival. Over 66% of the city’s real estate consists of single-family homes, giving it an inviting atmosphere for suburbanites. The population density, at 996 individuals per square mile, is notably lower than its suburban counterparts in the ranking, making it a great alternative for those seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

6. Discover a close-knit community in Maitland

Maitland, Florida
Maitland, Florida, offers a lifestyle that blends small-town charm with the conveniences provided by a thriving community and a growing business environment. Located within the greater Orlando area, this city offers plenty of green spaces, scenic views of Lake Maitland and tree-lined streets that paint the image of the American suburban dream.

Houses here are being built at a high rate as the most recent data shows: 12.2 building permits were issued for every 1,000 residents. In the past five years, the population increased by 13%, growing to a high population density of 3,565 people per square mile.
The close-knit community spirit is evident in its numerous local businesses—a notable 66 businesses/1,000 people—and its various cultural events and friendly neighborhoods.

Maitland has a reputation for its excellent schools, making it an obvious choice for families, while its proximity to Orlando provides access to job opportunities and entertainment options. Working remotely is also highly accessible, as Maitland also offers a particularly good index for office and coworking space, ranking second in this category.
Maitland has a restaurant scene that surpasses the national average, with an average of two restaurants per 1,000 residents. Additionally, the city excels in transportation, exhibiting a lower-than-average reliance on cars and impressively short commute times.

7. Aventura: an exciting suburb marked by urban sophistication

Aventura Florida City Scape
Aventura, located in Miami-Dade County, is a renowned Miami suburb that offers a vibrant urban atmosphere and easy access to excellent restaurants, parks, and retail establishments. In fact, this upscale community stands as one of the most sought-after places to reside in the greater Miami region.

A significant portion of Aventura’s residents, almost 70%, take pride in homeownership, although the majority of homes are found within condo buildings, contributing to the urban ambiance. Aventura holds the top spot for population density among the suburbs, with an impressive 15,022 people per square mile.

This suburb is particularly famous for its expansive shopping malls and is the premier shopping destination, providing an abundance of choices with nearly 13 retail establishments for every 1,000 residents.

However, this charming city has much more to offer. The town center beckons with its array of restaurants and bars in a delightful outdoor setting that showcases Miami’s diverse and exciting culinary scene. In fact, Aventura boasts a generous 3.5 restaurants per 1,000 residents, featuring a variety of cuisines from Peruvian to Japanese, as well as chef-driven restaurants offering exquisite dining experiences in elegant surroundings.

One of Aventura’s most attractive qualities is its convenient location, allowing residents to reach downtown Miami in under 30 minutes. The pristine white-sand beaches of Miami are also easily accessible, just a five-minute drive away.

Aventura minimizes car dependency through its efficient Metrobus system, which provides regular service throughout the area and connects to regional commuter networks. Additionally, the city offers free buses that link its most vital areas, and residents have the option to access the local bike-share system, enabling them to explore the city on two wheels.

8. Enjoy the historic charm of St. Augustine

St Augustine, Florida
Some suburbs of Florida are cherished for their proximity to beaches while others shine with their historical significance, culinary offerings and amenities. St. Augustine has all of these attributes and more.

Proudly holding the title of America’s oldest city, St. Augustine remains one of Florida’s most enchanting destinations, brimming with numerous attractions and activities. This quaint yet captivating city offers the allure of strolling along brick-lined streets surrounded by centuries-old buildings steeped in history, alongside an array of shops, restaurants and other points of interest.

For outdoor enthusiasts, St. Augustine is a haven, with its sun-kissed Atlantic beaches located within easy reach of the historic city center. Anastasia State Park, a serene wildlife sanctuary, provides a peaceful oasis enjoyed by residents and tourists throughout the year.
The city also stands out for its vibrant culinary scene, featuring an impressive ratio of 4.1 restaurants for every 1,000 people and offering a delectable array of Florida’s signature seafood infused with Latin flavors.

Thanks to a blend of history and modernity, St. Augustine’s dining and nightlife are bustling, attracting both visitors and a youthful hometown crowd. The city’s housing primarily consists of single-family units, and its population is expanding rapidly with an impressive rate of 29.7 building permits for every 1,000 residents. This growth is complemented by a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, with access to excellent health care, an abundance of outdoor recreational activities and a well-balanced diet, earning St. Augustine the distinction of being Florida’s top suburb with the lowest obesity rate.

In terms of transportation, St. Augustine excels with its accessibility, ranking first among Florida’s suburbs. The historic district is best explored on foot, while trolleys connect different parts of the city for those wishing to cover more ground. Moreover, the city offers a good biking infrastructure with most areas being easily bikeable.
Residents can benefit from extra storage space in the neighborhood as there are 6.3 rentable square feet of self storage space per capita. This can be handy if you want to store seasonal gear, water sports equipment or even your bike.

9. Have the most fun of your life in Delray Beach

Delray Beach Florida
It’s understandable why USA Today named Delray Beach the “most fun small town in the USA.” With its bustling streets, pleasant beach weather, vibrant art scene and vibrant cultural life, Delray Beach—which is sandwiched between Boynton and Boca Raton—has a generally welcoming vibe.

This little city offers a vibrant cultural scene that includes Broadway stars performing in cabarets, as well as numerous art galleries and auctions. In addition to the yearly influx of tourists, this city is home to around 66K people, the majority of whom reside in single-family houses. With just 4,175 individuals residing in each square mile, the population density is rather low.

However, this does not lessen the city’s metropolitan allure. Delray Beach’s main thoroughfare, Atlantic Avenue, stretches from Interstate 95 to the sun-drenched shoreline of the community. The avenue is ideal for pedestrians, with plenty of quaint brick pathways, eateries and stores.

With 44.3 businesses per 1,000 residents, the city has a strong entrepreneurial culture. Delray Beach’s downtown is highly walkable, but as you travel farther out, driving becomes more convenient, as evidenced by the 80% of locals who use their cars to run errands.

10. Savor Lake City’s suburban vibe in Lake Mary

Suburban areas in Florida, Lake Mary Florida
A whopping 72% of the local real estate is made up of single-family homes in The City of Lakes, which is part of the greater Orlando metro area and has one of the highest concentrations of single-family homes in Florida. With a 1.3% crime rate, well regarded public schools and a modest suburban vibe, Lake Mary is a great place to live.

Once a semi-rural Orlando suburban community, Lake Mary has seen an enormous increase in residential construction and has developed into an economic hub with thousands of square feet of office, retail and industrial space during the last 10 years. As a matter of fact, Lake Mary leads the category in terms of best office and coworking space index.

The $94,770 median household income, which is among the highest in the area when compared to other Florida suburbs, is a good indicator of the state of the economy.
A picture of a relaxed suburban lifestyle is painted by the parks, tree-lined streets and varied eateries, which include 2.9 outlets for every 1,000 residents. Kids may also enjoy the largest trampoline and obstacle park in the world here, which promises to be a lot of fun!

Here are all 81 major suburbs in Florida, ranked by their city-like qualities from best to worst:

81 Florida Suburbs Ranked by Ranked by City-Living Flair

SuburbRankHousing Affordability IndexBuilding Permits*Single Family Homes %Population Change (5 years)Population Density (people/sq. mi.)Businesses*Median Household IncomeOffice and Coworking Space IndexRetail Stores*Restaurants*Park Space/ Capita (sq. ft.)Health Care & Social Assistance Access*ObesityLife ExpectancyEducation IndexCrime RateCar UsageCommute TimeSelf Storage per CapitaSelf Storage Rent
Venice, FL114642.448%15%1650.140.2654781625.22.7863.65.426%80.320.01.5%80.3%22.79.7121.6
Boca Raton, FL21581.351%4%3267.762.889776405.72.7257.26.427%80.426.32.2%78.2%21.84.3157.8
Doral, FL313214.448%37%5292.178.4777741037.03.4108.42.430%80.635.81.9%84.8%25.62.4134.9
Jupiter, FL41430.662%0%2803.443.6941211994.12.2335.95.127%80.426.01.2%83.7%22.36.6229.3
Palm Beach Gardens, FL51606.166%13%996.140.599734944.51.8203.75.327%80.432.51.8%82.6%24.33.5168.1
Maitland, FL621012.247%13%3564.966.084289262.42.0110.17.130%78.420.81.8%77.3%23.31.2241.0
Aventura, FL71670.010%6%15022.376.67025712012.93.529.99.330%80.630.53.5%78.6%31.31.3156.0
Saint Augustine, FL818729.767%1%1480.735.467269837.44.1468.11.326%80.320.33.4%76.4%20.16.3134.0
Delray Beach, FL91544.047%2%4175.444.3698042385.12.6148.25.727%80.443.84.0%80.0%22.95.0150.6
Lake Mary, FL101850.372%6%1812.743.494770122.92.9187.65.030%79.826.81.3%80.4%25.12.6106.8
Winter Park, FL111873.669%0%3393.487.188688448.85.1196.79.430%78.445.02.5%75.6%24.12.8117.8
Fort Myers, FL1220817.345%19%2125.938.051682405.22.3759.72.628%78.743.52.4%85.6%24.69.9112.6
Satellite Beach, FL131482.184%6%3797.731.6927502743.52.7418.62.933%77.317.00.5%83.0%26.31.8138.0
Boynton Beach, FL141522.254%9%4921.038.8609803774.12.3150.24.927%80.439.52.9%87.8%25.33.2151.3
Clermont, FL1514920.077%33%2609.927.9699302593.22.1476.23.536%77.830.31.8%83.4%33.56.1109.1
Jacksonville Beach, FL161874.357%4%3210.259.0999332315.94.8108.16.735%75.829.83.6%78.7%23.33.6132.3
Fernandina Beach, FL1717910.378%4%1109.930.5802603144.02.4305.93.031%
Tarpon Springs, FL181733.364%4%2754.533.3583283864.82.6787.22.828%77.629.31.8%80.1%31.13.5119.7
Longwood, FL191641.987%7%2752.758.1694181427.81.883.23.130%79.832.51.9%88.9%27.82.8108.1
Oviedo, FL2016417.089%5%2543.725.01038822462.61.5370.02.530%79.832.30.7%80.4%28.13.3109.3
Oldsmar, FL211820.070%6%1654.739.0673891643.82.0486.82.828%77.625.31.4%85.8%25.62.3135.1
Miami Beach, FL222060.911%-9%10851.447.9591621855.44.5457.54.330%80.656.06.5%55.7%26.71.8419.0
Sunrise, FL231360.051%6%5945.736.0618301795.62.589.73.430%79.354.81.6%86.8%27.51.5178.8
Wellington, FL241420.684%0%1366.435.4981636164.01.6180.94.127%80.431.80.8%82.7%31.41.7154.0
Dunedin, FL251781.254%1%3469.827.7557295053.32.6932.62.528%77.627.51.2%83.5%24.10.9120.5
Altamonte Springs, FL262090.035%7%5034.936.5576291005.52.3221.24.030%79.855.52.6%85.3%26.62.3133.2
Lady Lake, FL271607.954%8%1894.821.8420882203.81.7156.03.636%77.830.01.0%81.1%
Royal Palm Beach, FL281371.680%5%3411.228.0847974343.21.6631.42.127%80.436.31.8%90.0%29.23.7175.0
New Smyrna Beach, FL2915011.859%21%786.932.7661594874.62.5232.42.433%
Plantation, FL301530.257%1%4256.340.1798932034.22.3252.25.630%79.364.52.2%84.9%27.11.4185.1
Ormond Beach, FL311711.870%5%1290.631.5602292273.82.02154.43.933%
Mount Dora, FL3217617.270%20%1970.127.6605003164.52.5416.92.636%77.832.03.3%81.7%29.03.0102.3
Seminole, FL331880.745%7%3719.826.7633523243.11.5436.42.728%77.634.82.0%83.3%25.32.2132.5
Weston, FL341440.475%-1%2771.037.31229293932.61.5150.13.830%79.335.50.5%77.8%32.13.1150.3
Deerfield Beach, FL351640.735%9%5757.442.2496503114.42.4341.42.430%79.373.52.3%84.1%26.73.4154.6
Sanford, FL3619819.064%6%2578.627.8554281934.81.8176.81.630%79.841.03.1%85.7%25.49.2113.5
Palmetto Bay, FL371592.787%-1%2936.326.31316054413.41.41067.82.530%80.632.02.2%79.8%36.41.1268.3
Coconut Creek, FL381520.036%0%5154.329.6680244914.51.8873.22.030%79.357.51.2%88.1%28.52.6161.3
Daytona Beach, FL3921835.051%11%1082.138.4423921337.23.6224.62.433%
Melbourne, FL402091.560%6%1895.033.655543883.82.0347.83.933%77.335.53.9%85.2%22.16.4127.2
Rockledge, FL4115514.977%5%2264.525.9733272112.91.3146.63.433%77.335.81.4%89.4%25.64.2115.6
Bradenton, FL421827.452%4%3820.624.6500841163.01.5162.42.831%
Winter Garden, FL431851.784%17%2829.225.6901573383.11.5128.11.730%78.421.32.0%85.4%28.94.5121.7
Lantana, FL441760.146%5%4852.928.4576837513.61.6188.53.827%80.443.04.0%81.2%27.21.6120.7
Winter Springs, FL451675.281%10%2558.822.9789694582.01.2341.51.830%79.837.00.9%83.3%31.71.5110.3
Hallandale Beach, FL461812.613%5%9730.438.1419052964.
Kissimmee, FL471638.854%15%3709.624.9417462004.02.1334.32.436%
Casselberry, FL4819014.358%8%4146.823.4531502803.21.4277.41.330%79.844.33.0%84.6%25.61.2115.3
North Port, FL4916530.887%22%746.414.5692656611.60.71174.51.026%80.335.81.2%92.9%28.85.6104.5
Oakland Park, FL501740.851%1%5857.855.6557004685.42.1135.33.430%79.371.84.1%82.4%27.23.2156.1
Ocoee, FL5116211.386%12%3041.723.3836904293.01.7121.62.830%78.443.32.5%82.4%34.24.6133.6
Largo, FL521980.434%2%4462.126.5509483193.91.6237.12.628%77.643.52.5%87.1%23.65.1141.4
Dania Beach, FL531951.236%2%4059.349.2444773878.42.6208.31.730%79.364.53.8%81.7%28.12.8156.2
Leesburg, FL5420745.760%22%716.627.1373502274.61.5551.33.436%77.845.34.6%87.3%24.16.8101.3
Riviera Beach, FL551803.953%11%4506.033.5511186493.91.0135.90.927%80.441.54.5%87.1%23.10.7122.1
DeLand, FL5622021.869%24%1940.724.4596411723.31.6182.11.633%
Atlantic Beach, FL571631.683%2%3844.022.7920566712.41.8403.81.635%75.830.32.2%82.8%25.65.9130.3
Tavares, FL5821616.555%22%1504.226.2493133652.61.2182.73.636%77.842.31.4%93.3%24.66.2119.7
Pinellas Park, FL591981.061%4%3307.830.9541114954.41.9151.82.128%77.639.53.6%89.2%22.53.1113.6
North Miami, FL601503.340%-3%7170.722.1442834093.11.3765.81.630%80.661.33.9%83.7%31.41.2184.3
Port Orange, FL611707.569%6%2320.021.8585304542.71.7348.52.233%
Palmetto, FL611903.541%1%2507.416.7507622262.00.7451.50.631%
Margate, FL631350.651%4%6658.824.6528816723.11.373.92.430%79.361.01.3%85.9%28.02.3158.2
Apopka, FL6416317.386%15%1608.920.6757363432.31.1293.51.130%78.448.33.0%84.9%31.64.3121.7
New Port Richey, FL652246.159%5%3595.314.640319771.80.9277.02.031%76.327.53.2%85.6%27.45.3116.5
Tamarac, FL661470.652%12%6094.919.7541146311.90.8112.33.330%79.357.01.7%89.0%29.80.8214.3
Titusville, FL671992.766%8%1647.920.8503833053.41.5174.41.933%77.341.82.9%88.1%25.110.3129.5
Lake Wales, FL682174.369%6%858.318.4492261533.51.2459.11.436%77.342.51.7%92.9%25.88.5106.5
Holly Hill, FL691960.563%8%3238.232.4373336857.31.8268.72.433%
Zephyrhills, FL7022442.651%17%1776.714.7420231722.21.0308.82.131%76.349.33.3%88.8%28.25.3118.0
Temple Terrace, FL712251.554%4%3646.325.3588532611.50.9326.41.730%77.549.82.1%86.8%25.20.5170.5
Cocoa, FL722478.761%8%1416.224.3480852684.71.4116.90.533%77.337.57.0%87.0%25.58.4117.8
Homestead, FL731782.159%20%5229.715.7523346052.50.9185.41.530%80.654.03.3%89.3%39.63.6148.9
Edgewater, FL741501.484%8%933.717.5520974223.00.8166.71.033%
Groveland, FL7513024.392%68%1111.218.6787094821.80.617.40.236%77.862.01.2%91.2%34.45.472.0
Winter Haven, FL7621017.866%33%1510.818.5508422322.91.1183.71.536%77.349.52.4%89.6%
Eustis, FL772357.468%15%2149.621.7552983942.91.3142.61.536%77.847.52.0%88.3%
Bartow, FL7824114.572%2%408.520.1535933602.51.2790.11.536%77.336.82.3%92.2%22.93.5114.5
Auburndale, FL7922836.176%7%1158.216.9605142452.51.0614.20.636%77.346.83.3%90.8%30.37.0113.1
North Lauderdale, FL801420.053%3%9647.011.5494266581.60.882.80.530%79.359.31.9%91.0%29.41.2124.3
Lauderhill, FL811670.038%5%8677.814.7446346172.10.9135.11.830%79.372.83.5%87.3%29.91.0130.5
*per 1,000 People

StorageCafe analysis of U.S. Census, Yardi Matrix, Commercial Edge, Coworkingcafe, Department of Education, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, FBI and Trust for Public Land data


This analysis was done by StorageCafe, an online platform that provides storage unit listings across the nation.
To determine the top suburbs that offer the best urban and suburban living combined, we ranked 86 suburbs in Florida. We considered a suburb any place located within a large metro area and with a population of between 10K and 100K.
The ranking is based on the suburbs’ overall scores. Overall scores represent an average of all the suburbs’ weighted scores based on the metrics presented below:

To calculate the number of retail stores, restaurants and health care and social assistance establishments related to population, we used U.S. Census data and made estimates based on ZIP code data. To assess education, we created a ranking based on standardized test results, number of public schools per 1,000 residents and student-to-teacher ratios.
Obesity rates and life expectancy were calculated based on county-level data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The data on self storage costs was taken from Yardi Matrix, StorageCafe’s sister division and a business development and asset management tool for brokers, sponsors, banks and equity sources underwriting investments in the multifamily, office, industrial and self storage sectors.

Fair use and distribution

This study serves as a resource for the general public on issues of common interest and should not be regarded as investment advice. The data are true to the best of our knowledge but may change if amendments to it are made. We agree to the distribution of this content but we do require a mention in return for attribution purposes.


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