Halloween is almost upon us. And let’s face it, this year has been hard enough without having to think about putting up decorations on time. If you’re looking to bring that spooky season spark to your home at the last minute, you might be in need of some suggestions to help you quickly adorn your house and garden with decorations that scream Halloween. We’ve put together a short list of ideas for you to try out before All Hallows’ Eve strikes:

1. Light-up spider web

For this decoration, you will need a clothesline rope, black dye, two 2-ft pieces of 3/8 inch rebar and a simple eyebolt. Start by coloring your rope black. Next, ground the ends of the rope in your yard, attach the middle onto your house – preferably somewhere high up such as under one of the eaves – and then add cross ropes to create the basis for the web. Start weaving in the center with overhand knots until your web is complete. Decorate with Halloween lights. Don’t forget to turn them on as soon as it gets dark!

2. “Happy Halloween” pumpkin display

You will need a large pumpkin and three small ones, black paint and a stencil that says “Happy Halloween” to create this piece of décor. Place the stencil on the large pumpkin and paint over it. You can even add a few bats for extra décor. Paint jack-o-lantern faces on the small pumpkins and place them next to the big pumpkin, on your porch or next to your home’s entrance.

Happy Halloween-decorated pumpkins

3. Cute ghost wreath

For this craft, you will need a wooden embroidery hoop, or you can make your own out of twigs and sticks. Wrap white ribbon all around it to completely cover it. Then, tangle black, yellow and orange yarn in a circular pattern over it. Cut a little ghost out of some cardboard and bring it to life with white paint and two black dots for eyes. Decorate the wreath with the ghost cutout, which you can hang to fall inside the middle of the wreath for a cute yet spooky look.

4. Window light jack-o-lantern

Buy orange and yellow Chinese lanterns and hang them in the window. Use a black marker pen to make the eyes and the teeth. If you can sit them down on a windowsill, put small flameless candles inside to really light them up. You can put them on the windowsill of your first floor or hang them by the windows either there or on the second floor. This is an easy DIY job that is sure to create a truly spooky effect!

Jack-o-lantern Chinese lanterns

5. Angry minion army

This is a super easy DYI décor idea for which you will only need lemons and a black marker. Draw angry minion faces on your lemons with the marker and display them on your dining room table or your living room credenza. You could arrange them to look like a regiment ready to pounce on the enemy — your guests will appreciate your creativity and resourcefulness!

Once Halloween has passed, save this year’s (nonperishable) creations so you can reuse them next year. There are plenty of ideas on how to store your home decor if your home has enough room to accommodate it without cluttering your space. If you’d rather free up your home to make room for the things that you use on a daily basis, turn to self storage to keep your decorations safe, which would also allow you to keep your home well-organized. A 5×5 unit would probably be best suited for your Halloween decorations. Or, if you do a house “audit” and discover there are other items that would be best kept in storage, you could rent a 10×10 unit. If you’re not sure which unit size you need, you can consult this storage unit size guide.

Which Halloween decoration idea did you like best? Let us know in the comments section below.


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