With its lovely neighborhoods, great public schools and universities and beautiful surrounding nature, Omaha, NE, is a great place to start a career and raise a family. It’s certainly good enough for Warren Buffet, and that says something about the potential of this place. The cost of living in Omaha is below the national average — and residents get a lot of bang for the buck. Local attractions and amenities include the historic Old Market District filled with shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, plus one of the most renowned zoos in the world, the College World Series and much more.

However, with all these blessings of urban living comes the challenge of space constraints at home — apartments and homes in big cities tend to be smaller compared to those in less populated areas. Also, having ample access to various activities and pastimes usually stimulates people to purchase things like sports gear or craft and hobby supplies.

Fortunately, Omaha’s self storage sector can compensate for the lack of storage space at home and ensure that the city’s residents can enjoy all of their belongings and uncluttered homes on top of that. Renting a 10’x10’ self storage unit in Omaha, NE, hovers around $84 per month — and can bring you peace of mind. Here’s why you should use self storage in Omaha:

1. For seasonal storage

Omaha’s winters are notoriously harsh, which means that residents need to protect their garden or balcony furniture, flowerpots, gardening tools and other such items during the cold season. Leaving them outside, exposed to the elements and to the freezing and thawing cycle, will shorten their lifespan drastically. Renting a self storage unit for your seasonal belongings offers a safe, indoor space to keep your outdoor furniture and gardening equipment over winter, and your snowblower, winter tires and snow shovels during the summer. Other items that you’re better off keeping in a self storage unit include holiday decorations as well as seasonal clothing and footwear.

2. For keeping dorm room belongings safe over summer

Omaha is home to several universities and colleges, including Creighton University, the University of Nebraska Omaha, and the College of Saint Mary. In fact, there are around 20,000 college students in Omaha over the school year — and, naturally, many of them are going home during summer break. Packing all the belongings in the dorm room as the school year ends and putting them in storage until fall is a habit for most students. And, fortunately, there are storage facilities in Omaha strategically located close to university campuses, providing easy access and short trips for college students looking for a self storage unit.

Woman in a self storage facility

3. To streamline moving

Omaha’s population has seen impressive growth lately, with the metro area’s population getting close to the 900K threshold in 2024. For these newcomers, as well as for Omaha residents who are moving locally, a self storage unit can be a precious help for the duration of the move. You can store the bulk of your belongings in self storage and unpack, deep clean and organize your new home at your own pace.

4. To assist you in home renovations

Home remodeling can be stressful and chaotic, whether you are hiring contractors or doing the work yourself. Still, there are ways to make things easier, and renting a self storage unit is one of them. Pack the furniture and other bulky belongings from the room or rooms you are renovating and put them in storage temporarily. This way, you can go ahead with your home’s remodel without being forced to work around furniture, appliances and other large items. Not only does this make your work a lot easier, but it also helps protect your stuff from potential damages that might occur during the remodeling process.

5. To make working from home more comfortable

Omaha is shaping up to be an excellent work-from-home destination, due to factors such as affordable housing and living costs, as well as a relaxed lifestyle and easy access to outdoor activities and attractions. The city gained about 30,000 new residents between 2020 and 2023, with many of them young professionals working remotely. One common challenge of people who have a home office, however, is space. Dedicating an entire room, or even a portion of a room, to your work setup inevitably means that you are sacrificing some of your living and storage space at home. Renting a self storage unit for belongings that you don’t use regularly frees up extra space at home for your daily activities.

6. To keep your sports and hobby gear safely tucked away

One of the best things about living in Omaha is unfettered access to outdoor sports and activities. The city itself features multiple parks where you can bike, skateboard, play basketball and much more. On top of that, there are numerous state parks and nature preserves around the city. State parks such as Eugene T. Mahoney and Platte River, or the Memphis State Recreation Area, to name just a few, are great spots where one can go camping, boating, fishing or hunting. During the winter, Omaha’s residents can make the most of the area’s frigid temperatures and abundant snow by skiing in the Mount Crescent area. With all these opportunities to practice sports and other activities, many of the city’s residents own all sorts of sports and hobby gear.

Finding space at home to store all of it can be a real challenge, even more so if we’re talking about items such as ATVs, dirt bikes, boats or snowmobiles. A self storage unit is the perfect place to keep all that, and you can pick a unit size that suits your needs.

If you need to store things like camping gear, then a small 5’x10’ storage unit, which rents for around $50 per month, will do the trick. However, if you need to store hobby-related vehicles, such as boats or even RVs, you can opt for a larger unit. A 10’x20’ storage unit in Omaha costs, on average, $120 per month, while a 10’x30’ unit rents for $175 on average.

7. To help you manage your business better and easier

Omaha enjoys a dynamic local economy. However, where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive, the need for efficient storage solutions is acute. As businesses expand, evolve and adapt, the challenge of storage space becomes increasingly complex. Fortunately, self storage facilities in Omaha offer a versatile and cost-effective solution to address these needs. Whether you operate a retail store, a restaurant or a manufacturing facility, space can be a valuable commodity. Self storage units provide businesses with the flexibility to store excess inventory, seasonal merchandise or bulky equipment off-site, freeing up valuable space within their premises. By optimizing space utilization, businesses can create a more organized and efficient work environment, improving productivity and workflow.


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