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Climate-controlled storage units in New York City, NY: 4,383 units available.

4,383 available units | 185 facilities | Average street rate: $306

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How much is a storage unit in New York City, NY?

The average price for a non-climate-controlled self storage unit in New York City, NY, is now $249 per month. To ensure easy access and a safe environment for your belongings, the storage facilities listed on StorageCafe feature amenities such as drive-up access, electric gates, security cameras, climate control, elevators and more. View all of the storage units located near you, select the unit size and amenities that work best for you, and contact the facility operator to book your New York City, NY self storage unit.

When searching for a storage unit in New York City, NY you have plenty of options! Depending on your needs, you might choose a thrifty small unit or go for maximum space with a large unit. Monthly rent for a storage unit in New York City, NY starts at $5 and goes up to $1,500 for current listings.

Non Climate-Controlled Units*
Unit Size Avg. Street Rate
5x5 $94
5x10 $184
10x10 $306
10x15 $444
10x20 $558
10x30 $755
20x30 $1,164
Average all sizes $501
Climate-Controlled Units*
Unit Size Avg. Street Rate
5x5 $87
5x10 $174
10x10 $315
10x15 $445
10x20 $592
10x30 $749
20x30 $1,164
Average all sizes $504
*Average monthly rates for New York City, NY in April 2024

Find your ideal self storage unit in New York City, NY, today!

Interested in finding a storage unit for rent in New York City, NY? Search through the 214 storage facilities located in New York City, NY, that provide safe and accessible storage units. Check out the storage units in your area and sort them based on price and amenities. Get details about unit sizes, type of access, climate control, presence of security cameras, and other features. Find out how much it costs to rent a small storage unit in New York City, NY, and decide if it’s the right option for you.

Storage facilities usually rent units on a monthly basis, which gives you the flexibility of moving in and out whenever you need to. Rent your New York City, NY, self storage unit for just a month or keep it for an entire year – whichever works best for you. You can always extend your rental period, or switch to a bigger or smaller unit, as needed. Pick the storage unit that's right for you and rent it today!

New York City, NY, has a wide range of storage options

Self storage is a great service for New York City residents. It affords you the opportunity to keep household belongings, vehicles, boats and much more outside of your home. There is more than one kind of storage in New York City. Let's take a look at what New York City has to offer in this regard below:

Non-climate-controlled self storage in New York City, NY, solves the bulk of your storage needs

The non-climate-controlled storage units in New York City are an excellent solution for storing most of your belongings, either long term or short term. Whether you need to store clothing, extra furniture, sporting equipment or seasonal decorations, you can use one of the non-climate-controlled storage units in New York City.

Non-climate-controlled self storage is the most popular type of self storage, suitable for a wide range of belongings, and it's usually the most affordable type of self storage.

Renting a 10'x10' non-climate-controlled self storage unit in New York City averages out at $246 per month.

Protecting delicate items with climate-controlled self storage in New York City, NY

For your heat- and temperature-sensitive items, a climate-controlled unit is the best environment to keep them in outside your home. Electronics, furniture, paper-based products and much more are best kept in this kind of temperature-controlled setting to ensure they are preserved correctly.

You can find climate-controlled units at the 259 self storage facilities that come with this feature in New York City.

The cost of renting a climate-controlled unit in New York City is around $252/month.

RV storage in New York City, NY, safely stores your RV while not in use

RVing is a popular pastime in New York City, and many residents there are keen to explore the region's natural beauty and to travel with family without having to worry about plane tickets and hotel bookings. Annual RV sales in New York, at around $760M prove a great degree of interest for this activity. However, one common issue with RVs is that they need to be stored somewhere while not in use – and self storage is the best option.

There are around 16 self storage facilities in New York City where RV owners can find units large enough for their vehicles.

An RV storage unit can be large enough for storing anything from a small caravan to a Class A motorhome, and the average monthly rent for such a unit in New York City is about $102.

Vehicle storage in New York City, NY, helps residents keep their garages uncluttered

Many families own vehicles they don't use daily – an extra car, a motorcycle or an ATV. Keeping these vehicles in your garage at home can create problems with space and access. There are about 2,172,861 homes in New York City with registered vehicles, which means that vehicle storage needs are complex, and there's a need for extra space.

Check out one of the 25 facilities in New York City that are providing vehicle storage units where you can store your additional vehicles long-term or short-term, as needed.

A vehicle storage unit in New York City costs around $299 per month.

Boat storage in New York City, NY, provides a secure space for your boat

Boating is a very popular activity in and around New York City, with the area offering numerous opportunities for water-related activities. However, boat owners in New York City also need a dedicated space where they can store their boat safely while not in use. Most people don't have enough space at their house to keep a boat there, but a storage unit is perfect for this purpose.

New York City offers around 7 facilities where local boat owners can store their boats.

The street rate for boat storage in New York City hovers around $201 per month.

Here's why you need self storage in New York City, NY

Self storage can help residents of New York City in a variety of ways, from temporarily storing items while moving or renovating to long-term storage of various belongings, be they furniture, clothing, appliances, tools and equipment, and so on.

Self Storage helps you when you're moving to New York City, NY

In 2021, 854,430 people moved to New York City, attracted by the city's growing job opportunities and the lifestyle it offers, based on U.S. Census data. New York City is now home to 8,736,047 people, a 4.25% change year-over-year.

Compared to 10 years ago, New York City's population grew 6.55%.

Here's how the population of New York City changed over the last 10 years:

Numbers are total population figures in New York City, NY, as per the U.S. Census.

The New York City, NY, self storage sector assists apartment and single family dwellers

About 67% of New York City residents are renters and 33% of them own homes. Additionally, around 4% of people residing in New York are part of multigenerational households. The most common number of bedrooms found in New York City homes is 1.

If you live in an apartment in New York City, you get about 705 sq. ft. of space, on average. If you're considering making better use of your apartment space, you can put some possessions such as seasonal and bulky items in storage.

The service is also useful for homeowners tackling home improvement. A project can take close to a few months, which means you could keep the contents of a room or two in a storage unit until its completion to avoid cramping your living space.

Renting a storage unit if you are a student

There are 141 colleges and universities in New York City. If you are a student in New York City, whether out-of-town or international, you can also enjoy the benefits of self storage. For the duration of the summer break, you can place your belongings in a storage unit to avoid moving them back home at the end of the academic year.

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The Easiest Way to Find Climate-Controlled Self Storage Near You

Are you looking to declutter your home, free up living space and also keep your possessions safe from the effects of the weather outside? Using StorageCafe, you can browse storage units in your neighborhood or ZIP code that not only suit your needs and budget but also come with climate control for maximum protection. High humidity damages clothing and dryness cracks leather, while extreme heat and cold can both adversely affect a wide range of materials and mechanisms, so put vulnerable belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit rather than in the garage. Local storage facilities have a variety of security features and offer units in a wide range of sizes and prices. You might well find one within a 3-to-5-mile radius of your home. StorageCafe makes it easy for you to explore climate-controlled storage: listings in New York City, NY and other cities are only a few clicks away!

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