Do you need to store the contents of a two-bedroom apartment? Perhaps you are moving in or out, or giving it a thorough renovation. Putting everything in a self storage unit will save you a lot of stress. Your beloved antique furniture, pool table and drum set will be safe in there, and a small, economical storage unit may be sufficient.

Two-bedroom apartment dwellers who are moving across town, downsizing, upsizing, or simply giving their place a major make-over, will find their possessions are temporarily displaced. Finding the ideal storage unit for them should therefore be a priority. Do all the necessary calculations to determine what size unit you require. You should also consider whether you need one with climate control or other special features. It may also be worth renting a storage unit longer term to maximize life in your two-bedroom apartment. Read on to find out more.

An economical medium-size 10’x10’ storage unit may be enough for a 2-bedroom apartment

If your 2-bedroom apartment is not overflowing with items, a medium-sized 10’x10’ storage unit might be suitable for all your possessions. Most of these units have eight-foot ceilings, which means renters would have 800 cubic feet of packing space, which is often enough, especially if you stack your belongings carefully. Generally, it can hold a small quantity of furniture, electronics, kitchen and bathroom items, plus some clothes. Also in the ‘medium-sized’ range, a 10’x15’ unit would provide extra room, especially if you have large pieces of furniture.

Determine the size of your 2-bedroom apartment and the space your things take up

When looking for a self-storage unit, knowing the size of your apartment gives you an insight into the amount of space you need to store your things. According to YardiMatrix, a two-bedroom apartment generally averages around 1,002 square feet. And if it is a new one, it could be larger: A RentCafe study from last year shows that in most cities, two-bedroom apartments have been upsizing, registering an increase of 39 square feet on average over the last five years. Knowing the size of your two-bedroom apartment will give you a ball-park idea about type of storage unit to look for.

Secondly, think about your possessions and calculate how much space they would take up. Here are some items that might fit into a regular 10’x10 unit:

  • A king size bed and mattress
  • A sofa
  • A large TV
  • A washing machine and dryer
  • A kitchen table
  • Bookshelves
  • A desk
  • A kitchen table and chairs
  • Medium sized boxes with the rest of your stuff

Consider types of units beyond the regular ‘medium-size’

However, suppose your apartment is heavily furnished, or you own unusual things like oversized sofas or large kitchen appliances. In this case, you might need to consider a 10’x15’ storage unit. Furthermore, if you’re planning to store musical instruments or vintage wine collections, choosing the right size won’t be enough: The former would definitely benefit from a unit with climate control while the latter should ideally be kept in one with specially adjusted temperature and humidity levels.

These 10’x15’ units are also classified as ‘medium-sized,’ but you will need something even larger if you plan to store your car — perhaps the two-bedroom apartment you are moving to has no suitable parking options. To store a vehicle, along with your other things, you could go for a 10’x20’ unit. Alternatively, you could fit numerous bulky items, business equipment, a trailer or even a small boat into a space of this size.

Even when there are no disruptions, everyone needs storage space

Even if you’re not moving or remodeling, you probably have items you don’t use daily, like small appliances, Christmas decorations, seasonal clothes, bikes, gardening tools, fishing gear and other sports equipment. If so, you should consider renting a 5’x5′ storage unit, which is the size of a small closet. A regular version of this is perfect for long-term storage if your stuff is not so delicate or expensive. You can keep your 2-bedroom apartment relatively uncluttered if you move some items into one of these ‘lockers,’ which you will only need to visit occasionally.

Pack and stack things efficiently to save space and money

By packing your items efficiently in storage, you may be able to rent a smaller and cheaper unit than you had planned. Here are our top tips.

Get ready to pack your items in storage:

  • First, ensure you truly need everything you are planning to store in the unit — renting a smaller size may be possible by simply decluttering
  • Taking apart your beds, tables and dressers can save you a lot of space
  • Rolling clothes up is a brilliant method for packing them inside boxes or wardrobes — and you just might have less need for an iron when you unpack them!

Use boxes as much as possible:

  • Boxes are easy to stack and to retrieve from your unit when needed
  • You should probably choose high-quality boxes and not take risks by using any that are flimsy
  • Even if you’re tempted to use big boxes, smaller ones are easier and safer to move and can be effortlessly rearranged
  • You can save space if you stick to using boxes of the same size as they will fit together more easily

Stack and label your items in storage appropriately:

  • Make sure heavier materials are stacked at the bottom and lighter ones at the top, as you don’t want boxes or other items breaking or toppling
  • Label your boxes so you can find the ones you need easily
  • Leave an aisle clear through the center of the unit so you can easily see and retrieve the items in all parts of your storage space

How much does a medium-sized storage unit cost?

By following our good advice, you should now be able to get your belongings into a storage unit that doesn’t waste your money. The average rent of a 10’×10’ storage unit is around $132/month nationally, but it can vary a lot depending on location and the amenities included. For example, the same size, but with climate control, would cost you an average of around $18 more. Regarding location, a 10’x10’ storage unit in New York City, NY, rents for $256/month, while the street rate for the same storage unit in Chesterton, IN, for example, is only $60.

room with cardboard moving boxes.jpg

Always do the math before signing a self storage contract. Calculate how much space you need by multiplying the length, width and height of large items, and work out how you can best arrange and stack them. Medium-sized storage units can offer between 600 and 1,200 cubic feet, which may well be enough for the contents of a two-bedroom apartment. To get more information on the units that are typically available, use our Storage Unit Size Guide. Good luck finding the perfect-sized unit for your storage needs!


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