Storage space is an issue for most of us – maybe you don’t have enough space at home for everything you own. Or maybe you’re in the process of moving out and need to keep your belongings somewhere safe for a while. Self storage can help you in such situations. A self storage unit can hold the items you’re not using on a daily basis, or all your belongings while moving.

One important thing to consider is picking the right self storage unit size for your needs. Here’s all you need to know about unit sizes if you’re planning to pack and move a 3-bedroom apartment:

What storage unit is the best when moving a 3-bed apartment?

A 3-bedroom apartment usually holds a significant amount of furniture, which means you will need a storage unit that’s of the larger side. A 10’x15’ storage unit is suitable if you are not also packing dining furniture and kitchen appliances. This unit size is somewhat smaller than a regular garage, and it can comfortably hold the contents of about three rooms worth of furniture. If your bedrooms and your living room are not heavily furnished, it could be enough. Here’s what you can fit in a unit this size:

  • A queen or king size bedroom set, with nightstands and a chest drawer
  • The contents of a home office space
  • The furniture in a child’s bedroom
  • A sofa, coffee table and bookshelves
  • An assortment of boxes with various items

However, if you are also planning to pack and move your dining room and/or kitchen appliances, a large, sectional sofa and more than one full-size bedroom set, you should get a bigger unit – and the 10’x20’ storage unit is just what you need. This unit is big enough to contain all the furniture listed above, plus other items, such as:

  • Dining furniture and kitchen appliances
  • Large living room couch
  • More than one full-size bedroom set
  • Multiple bookshelves and drawer cabinets
  • Boxes with your stuff

Planning on storing your car also? Get a larger storage unit size

There are situations when you might need to store all your belongings, car included, for a longer period of time. Whether you decided to travel around the world for a few months or to relocate temporarily for work, it makes little sense to keep paying rent just so you have somewhere you keep your furniture and other items – including your car.

An extra-large, 10’x30’ self storage unit is your best option in such circumstances. The unit is almost as big as a standard two car garage, which means you can comfortably store your vehicle, plus a variety of furniture and other belongings. Even if you own your apartment/condo, it still pays off to put your belongings in storage and rent out the apartment – this way, instead of spending money on utilities, you are actually drawing an income.

Not moving, but need some extra storage space? Here’s how to determine the best unit size for your needs

A 3-bed apartment is a pretty roomy one – but that doesn’t mean you have enough storage space for everything that you own. Families with children, and people living with roommates, have a hard time making their apartments look and feel unclutter. Renting self storage for the items you don’t use on a daily basis is a strategy that allows you to enjoy both your possessions and your space at home. Here’s how to decide what type of unit to rent for long-term storage:

  • In case you intend to put some boxes with seasonal clothing, baby items, or sports equipment in storage, a 5’x5’ storage unit, which is about the size of a regular home closet, will do the trick.
  • However, if you have bulkier items to store, like extra furniture, appliances or maybe a bike, a 10’x10’ storage unit is the right choice.
  • Should you get a climate-controlled storage unit or not? Climate-controlled units a slightly more expensive than regular ones, but are recommended in case of long-term storage, particularly if you live in an area where outside temperatures can get very high or very low throughout the year. Also, a climate-controlled unit is a good idea if you are storing delicate or expensive items, such as antiques and other collectibles.

Before renting one, take the time to calculate what size of storage unit you really need. Don’t forget to take into account the total capacity of the unit – most are about eight feet tall, so you need to multiply the surface by the unit’s height to find the cubic volume. It’s equally important to ensure you also have enough access space in your storage unit – not being able to easily reach your belongings while in storage defies the purpose of having them stored in the first place.



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