While Manhattan gets most of the New York hype, nestled just to the east is another gem, offering the bustle of the big city but with a homey charm and a slower-paced lifestyle. In recent years, Brooklyn has seen a tech and start-up renaissance, against a backdrop of rich artistic activity and a cosmopolitan ambiance derived from its diverse demographic makeup.

To those who rarely step off the Island of Manhattan, Brooklyn can seem like another world. This world opens up access to some interesting museums, fine dining, and other attractions that bring in visitors from all over. Have a good look at everything Brooklyn has to offer before you make your move!

1. How big is Brooklyn, NY?

Brooklyn is the largest locality in Kings County and its spreads over 69.5 miles. It is the most populous borough in the county, counting about 2.5M residents. If Brooklyn were its own city, it would be the fourth-largest city by population in in the country.

In a sense, Brooklyn is the quintessential American place: a melting pot of diverse neighborhoods, reflecting the various ethnic backgrounds of its inhabitants. Brooklyn has 77 neighborhoods, with a couple of them being historical towns annexed by the borough. Bushwick, Flatlands, Gravesend, New Utrecht and Flatbush are now neighborhoods bearing the names of their previous towns

2. What is the weather like in Brooklyn, NY?

Brooklyn enjoys warm and humid summers that also see quite a lot of rain. In the winter, snow is a common occurrence and it’s habitually cold just like in any Northeastern city. During the summer, you can turn to self storage to put books, winter clothing, appliances and furniture in a climate-controlled unit in Brooklyn to prevent these items from being damaged by high heat and humidity.

Cherry trees in full bloom in front of the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, NY
Cherry trees in full bloom in front of the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, NY

In the winter, cars, motorcycles, boats and other belongings that are sensitive to cold can also be put in storage. All in all, self storage is a welcome service if you live in Brooklyn regardless of the season.

3. What’s the job market like in Brooklyn, NY?

Brooklyn can offer you a new home and a new lifestyle, but it can also offer great job opportunities. In the last decade, the number of businesses in Brooklyn increased by 32% and the unemployment rate dropped from 9.9% to 4.6%. Brooklyn has also outpaced the other New York City boroughs in terms of average annual income increases, rising 31% since 2010 to $55,200, and it had the largest private sector job growth, with 172,600 new employment opportunities being created.

Many of Manhattan’s banking operations were relayed to Brooklyn, resulting in an increase in high-tech and entertainments business. Accounting, computer service firms and personal supply agencies are a few of the types of business that thrive in the borough. To help better manage their space, businesses often turn to self storage to keep additional paperwork, excess merchandise, and more.

4. College options in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn is home to several higher education institutions including Brooklyn College – a senior college of the City University of New York – the Medgard Evers College, the New York City College of Technology, and more. In the last 10 years, Brooklyn has seen the highest growth rate in educational attainment of any of the New York City boroughs, with only Manhattan having more bachelor’s degree graduates.

During the academic year, students can put seasonal items in storage to help them improve their living space, whether they live in a dorm or an apartment. Additionally, when school is not in session over the summer, they can also keep their belongings in storage instead of taking them back home, which can be costly and not so practical.

5. Outdoor fun in Brooklyn, NY

Whether you go to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone rollercoaster — getting a taste of a bygone era when the rich used to entertain themselves here — or you head out to Prospect Park in central Brooklyn, opportunities to stay active abound. You can bike here or in Fort Green Park during the warm season. When you’re not taking your bike for a spin, you can put it in storage to avoid cluttering your living space, especially if you live in an apartment.

Tulips blooming in Prospect Park in Brooklyn NY
Tulips blooming in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY

6. What’s the entertainment scene like in Brooklyn, NY?

From art to music, Brooklyn offers ways to enjoy the best of any form of entertainment. For melodies that will stay with you forever, try the famous Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir or take in a concert at The Brooklyn Academy of Music. To view the art of painting in all its forms, take a Brooklyn street art walking tour or wander through the Brooklyn Museum. Or if you got dragged through enough culture already, why not turn your day around by visiting any one of the borough’s many ethnic restaurants.

7. Moving to Brooklyn, NY, with a little help from self storage

The biggest draw to Brooklyn is probably the location. For those looking to be close to the hustle and bustle of city life, but far enough away to taste the fresh air, Brooklyn offers the perfect balance of proximity to and distance from the core of the Big Apple.

Given the multi-level apartment living of many New York rentals, finding a good moving company is an important step in the moving process. Luckily, there is no shortage of local movers. The A+-rated companies in the area include TDY Moving and Storage, Roadway Moving, and U. Santini Moving and Storage Inc.

Among others, these locally owned and operated companies have trustworthy reputations and offer seamless in-city moves as well as cross-country relocations. It costs, on average, $2,600 to move to Brooklyn, but rates vary based on your city of origin and the choice of moving company.

To make the moving process easier as you make Brooklyn your new home, turn to self storage. You can send all your belongings ahead of your move to a local self storage facility near your new address. This way, when you actually come to town, you’re ready to get settled into your new home. You can retrieve your belongings when it suits you to help make it a smooth process.

8. Housing options in Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn has diverse housing options, whether you’re looking to rent or to buy. Here’s how self storage can assist you:

• If you’re a renter

Brooklyn is full of neighborhoods that have gained recognition beyond the local population. Some of the places have been featured in various movies and TV shows. Williamsburg happens to be one of them. Additionally, DUMBO is home to the iconic Manhattan Bridge Overpass, while Brooklyn Heights will take you down memory lane revisiting pre-Civil War brownstones, notable churches and also the favorite watching spot for fourth of July fireworks.

Given that 70% of housing units are renter-occupied, based on Census Reporter data, you could be starting your new Brooklyn life as a renter. If that is the case, you might want to consider using self storage as an extension of your home space. Put seasonal and bulky items in storage and retrieve them later when you need to use them again.

Aerial view of downtown Brooklyn
Aerial view of downtown Brooklyn

• If you’re a homeowner

If you’re looking to buy a home in Brooklyn, you might want to consider Cobble Hill, if quiet living and easy access to Manhattan by train is what you’re looking for. Park Slope is another desirable place for homebuyers, with tree-lined streets, museums and gardens among the local attractions. If you’re looking for a family-friendly neighborhood, Carroll Gardens is a good place to be – with access to St. Mary’s Playground and park, dance studios and boutiques.

Beyond moving into your new home, self storage can continue to help you live your best life in Brooklyn. Put seasonal and bulky items in storage throughout the year to keep your home breezy and clutter-free. Moreover, if you decide to take up a home remodeling project, you can get great benefits from self storage. The contents of the rooms under construction can stay in storage for the duration of the project. Additionally, as you welcome new members into your family or you decide to form a multi-generational home, you can also use self storage to temporarily house furniture, appliances and other family memorabilia that would otherwise make your living space look and feel crowded.

9. Is Brooklyn, NY, a good place to live?

Thanks to its thriving job market, high-ranking schools and tight-knit community, it’s no wonder Brooklyn is a magnet for both families and young professionals. Here are two of the cities that new transplants to Brooklyn most commonly come from:

Moving to Brooklyn, NY, from Chicago

Chicago is a city that sees a lot of people moving elsewhere, not unlike any big city. And many of them are headed towards Brooklyn, attracted by the Big Apple’s opportunities. Whether they get a job in Brooklyn or commute to Manhattan, the appeal of the borough is undeniable – iconic landmarks and great career and entertainment opportunities.

Moving to Brooklyn, NY, from Detroit

Leaving behind Detroit for Brooklyn opens up a whole new world of possibilities from competitive wages to access to diverse housing and great schools. Besides, Detroit also has harsher winters than Brooklyn, so moving here is sure to give you respite during the cold season.

10. Storage options in Brooklyn, NY

Since the average apartment size in Brooklyn is 645 square feet, extra storage can be very useful. The good news is, Brooklyn has a wide variety of storage options, from small spaces for your winter clothes to large units to house extra furniture. Given that adding an extra bedroom can double or triple your monthly payments, finding a storage unit instead can save thousands for renters who have some baggage and no more closet space. Among the 274 facilities in New York City, you’ll be able to easily rent a Brooklyn storage unit. In fact, the area boasts about 21M sq. ft. of self storage space, based on data provided by Yardi Matrix.

A 10’x10’ unit is the most common unit size people rent, but you might also consider a 5’x5’or a 5’x10’ unit if you only have a few smaller items to store. However, if you’re looking to store the entire contents of a room, a 10’x15’ or a 10’x20’ might be necessary. If you’re not sure which unit size is right for your needs, you can check out this storage unit size guide.

Once you’re ready to look for a storage unit, you can browse Brooklyn, NY, in  StorageCafe’s search portal.


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