Whether you’ve just moved to Portland or you’re a true blue local, self storage is a service that can assist you at various stages of your life in The City of Roses. For instance, if you’re a student at the University of Portland and you need a place to keep your belongings over the summer break, renting a self storage unit in Portland can prove to be a handy choice.

Single-family owners and especially renters can benefit from this service as  Portland ranks 10th for the smallest apartments in the country. With living space affording less room for in-home storage, this is where self storage can come to the rescue. Bulky and seasonal items are best kept in storage until they can be used again.

Moreover, extra furniture and family heirlooms can also find their home in storage, especially since American households are becoming more diverse. According to a recent StorageCafé study, multi-generational households have become a somewhat more common occurrence, with as many as 27% of Portlanders choosing this living arrangement in 2020.

Regardless of your reasons for turning to self storage, you need to know what to expect when renting a unit. We’ve put together information on pricing, unit size and amenities and more so you can easily find the self storage options that best suit your needs:

How much does a self storage unit cost in Portland?

Unit size is the predictor to help you gauge how much renting a self storage unit in Portland costs. Here is a breakdown of the cost by self storage unit size plus some information on what kind of items can fit inside each type of unit:

  • 5×5 – $70/month

A 5×5 unit is among the smallest sizes you can get at a storage facility. You can typically store boxes and files, or a few chairs and lamps. Your bike and your sports equipment can fit in this type of unit as well. If you have an impressive collection of books – as many Portlanders are bound to have – you can keep a part of them in here, so you can make room at home for those exciting new titles from Powell’s Books.

If you’re looking to store larger items such as furniture, a 5×10 storage unit is perfect for you. In fact, this unit size can comfortably house the furniture coming from a bedroom, including a queen-sized bed, a dresser, chairs and lamps. You can fit up to 15 medium-sized boxes can as well as a bicycle. This is a perfect storage unit size while you browse a new apartment to share with a roommate.

A 10×10 unit is the most popular unit size to be rented. It can fit the contents of a large living room, two bedrooms or the belongings from a small apartment. You can comfortably store the contents of an office, from desks and chairs to computers. You could also keep an ATV inside a 10×10 storage unit, alongside some tools and boxes. A king-sized bed plus some clothing and decorations will also fit inside this type of unit.

Renting a 10×20 unit is ideal whenever you need to store the belongings from a two-bedroom. You can practically fit couches, beds, kitchen appliances and your entire wardrobe. You could also store a car inside a unit this size. This is especially handy for locals as Portland is among the top-rated metro areas for electric cars. It’s common for EV owners to also own a gasoline car, used for out-of-town trips, while the EV is perfect for trips around town. Instead of having your gasoline car take up driveway or garage space, it’s much more convenient to keep in storage until your next long car trip.

woman taping a box before putting it in a storage unit

If you’re about to move your four-bedroom in storage when you’re in-between homes, look no further than a 10×30 unit. You can comfortably store all the contents of a semi-truck in this unit type, with all the furniture from a large home. Or you can fit a car or two plus a few smaller items. A 10×30 is also perfect for storing boats. Portland is an excellent haven for boating enthusiasts, which means boating is practically a year-round adventure. However, keeping your boat in storage is a viable option for the long periods when you’re not boating.

If you’re not sure which self storage unit best suits your needs, you can consult this storage unit size guide designed by StorageCafé to help you make a decision.

What amenities do I need for my self storage unit?

Besides size and price, you should also consider which type of amenities are right for you when you’re about to rent a self storage unit in Portland. Here are some of the most common amenities self storage users consider when choosing the right facility and unit:

  •  Climate control

A climate-controlled unit offers an environment where temperature and humidity are regulated to ensure that stored items are not affected either by extreme cold or heat and high humidity. As Portland’s climate is no stranger to variations in temperature and high humidity, considering a climate-controlled unit in Portland might be the right choice for a handful of items.
Here is a list of items that can benefit from a climate-controlled unit:

  • Wooden or leather furnishings
  • Electronics
  •  Clothing
  •  Books and other paper-based items
  •  Medical devices
  •  Musical instruments
  •  Collectibles (including artwork)

A 10×10 climate-controlled unit in Portland rents for $161/month.

climate controlled unit with furniture

  • Security

You want to make sure your items are safe when you entrust them to the storage facility. For this reason, be sure to check whether the facility you’re considering has camera surveillance. Knowing they have this sort of amenity will give you that much needed peace of mind that your items are safe while they’re away from your home.

  • Type of facility access

Many storage facilities offer 24/7 access to their units for customers. Inquire whether this is an option at the facility you’ve visited or looked at online. It could be more convenient to be able to gain access to your unit regardless of the time of the day, but this is a type of amenity whose importance you need to establish based on your needs.

  • On-site manager

In the case of many self storage facilities, an on-site manager is available to assist customers. The manager can help you with any storage-related concerns or can even assist you if you need packing supplies – provided that the facility offers such add-ons.

  • Valet self storage

Valet self storage is a complete self storage service through which you can have the facility pick up the items you wish to keep in storage. The facility is in charge of transportation and actual storage of your items.

What else should I look for renting self storage in Portland?

Price and amenities are just some of the aspects related to self storage you need to consider. To make sure you have a positive experience when renting a self storage unit also consider doing the following:

  • Add self storage insurance

To make sure your belongings are covered in case of unforeseen events such as natural disasters or theft, having self storage insurance is key. In many cases, your homeowner’s insurance offers self storage coverage. However, if that isn’t the case, you can always purchase dedicated self storage insurance. A self storage policy runs for about $10-$20/month.

  • Buy a lock

For the safety of your stored belongings, consider purchasing a lock for your storage unit. Oftentimes, the storage facility might offer you one for free, but if that isn’t the case, buy a sturdy one yourself.

lock on a self storage unit

Where can I find self storage facilities in Portland?

Portland has plenty of self storage options across the city available within the city limits. Go for a facility that’s close to your home or one that’s situated on your daily commute route.

Here are some self storage facilities you can consider renting from:

1. Central Self Storage – 685 SE Division Place, Portland, OR

This Central Self Storage location is perfect if you live in downtown Portland. You can rent various sizes of units here, from small, medium or large. Small units start at around $50/month and can go up to $190/month.

The facility is equipped with indoor climate-controlled units and video surveillance. You can access the facility any time of the day and night when you’re renting here. Additionally, an on-site manager can assist you if you need help when stopping by the unit.

2. Public Storage – 10315 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR

When you’re renting a storage unit at this facility, you have access to small, medium and large units. You can find small units starting at $56/month, while some go over $170/month for the same unit size. This Public Storage facility is gated and offers drive-up access to the unit. If you need climate-controlled units, this amenity is readily available.

For the safety of your belongings, video surveillance helps to monitor the activity at the facility. There’s an elevator in the building to help make your trip to the facility easier if you’re carrying heavy items to a unit located on a higher floor. You can get help with any storage-related issues from the on-site manager.

3. Extra Space Storage – 8055 SE 82nd Avenue, Portland, OR

If you live in Southeast Portland, this Extra Space Storage location is ideal for you. You can find different unit sizes here, ranging from small to large. For a small unit, you’ll end up paying a minimum of $52/month and, at most, around $150/month. When renting here, you have access to indoor climate-controlled units. Besides regular storage options, you can also rent a storage unit to store your RV, when you’re not taking to the road.

If your unit isn’t located on the ground floor, you can easily reach it by elevator. Video surveillance is part of the facility’s efforts to ensure the safety of your items stored here. Lastly, you can always ask an on-site manager if you have any questions related to using self storage.


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