BA Self Storage - 620 North Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles, CA

Self Storage, Vehicle Storage 24 - 300 SqFt
Small Size
from $104
Self Storage
24 SqFt
Self Storage
40 SqFt
Self Storage
25 SqFt
$104 - $127
Self Storage
30 SqFt
Self Storage
40 SqFt
$128 - $132
Self Storage
45 SqFt
Self Storage
50 SqFt
$132 - $137
Self Storage
60 SqFt
Self Storage
60 SqFt
Self Storage
98 SqFt
Self Storage
80 SqFt
Self Storage
96 SqFt
Self Storage
90 SqFt
$208 - $244
Self Storage
100 SqFt
$212 - $256
Medium Size
from $160
Vehicle Storage
144 SqFt
Vehicle Storage
176 SqFt
Vehicle Storage
200 SqFt
Self Storage
120 SqFt
$228 - $268
Self Storage
150 SqFt
Self Storage
200 SqFt
Self Storage
195 SqFt
Large Size
from $476
Self Storage
240 SqFt
Self Storage
250 SqFt
Self Storage
300 SqFt
  • Drive-Up Access
  • Gate
  • Indoor
  • Onsite Manager
  • Security Camera

The BA Self Storage - 620 North Heliotrope Drive storage facility in Los Angeles, CA, provides multiple types of units to cover all your storage needs. View photos of BA Self Storage - 620 North Heliotrope Drive and check out its exact location on the map to ensure that it is convenient for you. Look at all of the unit sizes, from the smallest unit to the largest unit, and decide which one is best for you. The monthly rent for a storage unit at BA Self Storage - 620 North Heliotrope Drive in Los Angeles starts as low as $104 and goes up to $544.

Once you’ve picked the storage unit you want to rent, contact the BA Self Storage - 620 North Heliotrope Drive manager by phone or through online messaging. Storage units can generally be rented on a month-to-month basis, allowing you to keep your storage space just as long as you want it — whether this is for one month, one year, or more — and to easily extend your lease with no hassle.

Maybe you want to declutter your home and need a place to safely store your less-frequently-used belongings, or maybe you want to keep your furniture out of harm’s way during home renovations. Renting a self storage unit at BA Self Storage - 620 North Heliotrope Drive in Los Angeles will solve your storage problems while keeping your items in the best condition possible!

Whether you’re moving to the area, remodeling, or simply don’t have enough space at home for all of your things, BA Self Storage - 620 North Heliotrope Drive provides you with the extra storage space you need. Get in touch with the BA Self Storage - 620 North Heliotrope Drive storage facility for more details.

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620 North Heliotrope Drive

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