Located at the midpoint of South Carolina’s Atlantic coastline, Charleston serves as the county seat for Charleston County. Situated at the delta of four rivers, this historic port city is awash with waterfront promenades and boardwalks. A hub of tourism and entertainment, Charleston boasts a rich culture, a vibrant art scene and a warm southern welcome. Let’s explore what you can expect when moving here:

1. How big is Charleston, SC?

Covering a total area of around 135 square miles, Charleston is the largest city in South Carolina. It serves as the principal city of the Charleston Metropolitan Area, which stretches into three counties: Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester.

The city proper is divided into six districts: Downtown, West Ashley, Johns Island, James Island, Cainhoy Peninsula and Daniel Island. Each district is further comprised of a number of neighborhoods, with a mix of historic and modern areas.

2. What is the weather like in Charleston, SC?

With a humid subtropical climate, Charleston enjoys mild winters and hot, humid summers. The city sees around 51 inches of rain per year, with half of that falling between June and September, typically in the form of thunderstorms.

Renting a storage unit in Charleston is a fantastic way to keep your belongings safe during the summertime heat and in the wintertime, too. You can consider climate-controlled units in Charleston, which can house everything from furniture, appliances, books, clothing and musical instruments to vehicles safe during storage. High humidity and temperature levels can damage these types of sensitive items, but a climate-controlled environment helps keep these items in great shape.

Charleston SC Dirt Road Forest Botany Bay Plantation Spanish
Forest road at the Botany Bay Plantation in Charleston, SC

3. Discover Charleston’s diverse economy with self storage

Charleston’s economy is largely driven by tourism and commercial shipping. Other major industries include manufacturing, while the IT and tech sectors have seen considerable growth in recent years. A number of local incentives have been introduced to encourage small businesses.

Companies of all types and sizes can benefit from renting self storage in Charleston. Businesses that have offices in town can use self storage to keep office furniture, office supplies and more in storage to help them better manage their business premises. For e-commerce companies, a storage unit provides invaluable space for stock as they’re preparing it to get shipped. Finally, the many tourism businesses in the city can use self storage for everything from rental bikes to hotel supplies.

4. Universities and college life in Charleston

There are a number of universities and colleges in Charleston, including various private institutions. The historic College of Charleston (CofC) is the oldest college in the state and offers degree programs across six academic schools.

Most students live in residence halls or student apartments. Students in need of a little extra space can consider renting a storage unit in Charleston. It’s ideal for spare books, bicycles, sports equipment and seasonal clothes and belongings, saving precious space in dorms and apartments shared with roommates. Moreover, a storage unit can come in handy at the end of the academic year. Students can place all their belongings in storage for the duration of the summer instead of moving everything back home. They can easily retrieve them when the new term resumes in the fall.

5. Enjoying outdoor recreation in Charleston, SC, with self storage

With proximity to the ocean, as well as numerous rivers and other waterways, watersports are extremely popular in Charleston. Sailing, canoeing, kayaking and fishing are just some of the activities on offer. If you prefer dry land, you can enjoy golf, cycling or simply relaxing on the beach.

Whatever your passion is, renting a storage unit in Charleston provides an ideal place to store your equipment. Not only does this save you valuable space at home, but it also ensures that your sports gear is safe, exactly where you left it. With many facilities offering boat storage, it’s a fantastic option for boat owners.

6. Moving to Charleston, SC — how can self storage help?

With good weather, incredible entertainment opportunities and a thriving economy, Charleston has lots going for it. More people from North Carolina relocate to South Carolina than from any other U.S. state. Taking care of the relocation yourself can save you money, but it’s also time-consuming and stressful, especially if you’re moving large or fragile items.

Either way, renting self storage in Charleston is the best way to ease the entire moving process. It allows for far greater freedom compared to if you were moving directly into your new home. Instead, by sending your belongings into storage, you can take your time to find your ideal home in Charleston.

When you find your dream home, you can move in at a pace that suits you. Plus, when it comes to renovations, having a storage unit is invaluable.

7. Is Charleston, SC, a good place to live?

Charleston, SC, blends historic charm with a vibrant environment, where jobs, entertainment and constant growth are attracting newcomers to the city. Let’s explore some common moving routes leading to this South Carolina gem:

Moving to Charleston, SC, from NYC

If you’re ready to trade the NYC skyscrapers and the big city hustle and bustle for cobblestone streets, historical architecture and more, then Charleston, SC, is the right place for you. The city is also much more affordable than the Big Apple, which means your paycheck stretches further here. You can find employment in the aerospace, defense, automotive and tech, as Charleston is a key driver of the South Carolina economy.

Moving to Charleston, SC, from Washington, D.C.

Moving from D.C. to Charleston, SC, will not only mean you escape the colder Northeastern winters, but you also have access to higher education institutions where innovation and research come together to create great opportunities for locals and newcomers alike. Charleston is family-friendly, it provides access to top-notch beaches, and there is a strong creative community here centered around arts.

8. Choosing your dream home in Charleston, SC, with self storage

The housing market in Charleston is fairly evenly divided between single and multi-unit homes. Single family homes are slightly more common and are available in a wealth of different styles, both historic and modern. Georgian, Greek Revival, Queen Anne and the iconic Charleston Single House can all be found in historic neighborhoods such as Hampton Park Terrace and North-Central.

Meanwhile, more modern styles are dotted throughout the city, with larger concentrations in newer neighborhoods such as West Ashley.

Renting a storage unit in Charleston can give you many more options when searching for your dream home in the city. It allows you to put to better use your entire living space while items that don’t see everyday use can sit in a storage unit instead. It can be ideal for seasonal clothes, bicycles, vehicles and even excess books, it’s an extremely useful asset. You can also turn to self storage when you’re downsizing – you might need a temporary home for items that don’t fit into your new home until you decide how you want to use them. The service can also be useful if you’re working remotely and need to set up a home office. Furniture and other household items from the space that just got converted into your working space can sit in a storage unit instead of cluttering your home.

Homes in the historic district in Charleston, South Carolina, USA
Homes in the historic district in Charleston, SC

Multi-family homes like townhouses and condos are scattered throughout the city and can be found in both modern and historic districts, including downtown. While being close to entertainment in a downtown apartment, you also get to enjoy less living space as compared to those living in a single family home. This is where self storage can come in to help you better your living space. You can put seasonal clothing, décor and outdoor in a storage unit to keep your home uncluttered and breezy. You can retrieve your items when you need them again.

9. What are the self storage options in Charleston, SC?

With over 1.7M square feet of self storage space, the Charleston, SC, self storage market offers plenty of options for locals looking to use the service. To keep your trips shorter, consider a self storage facility in your neighborhood when you’re shopping for your ideal Charleston unit.

Once you’ve found a facility that’s conveniently located, consider the unit size you’re going to need. A 5’x5’ unit is ideal for home décor, some clothing and small outdoor gear. For larger outdoor gear and bulky clothing, upgrade to a 5’x10’ unit. Most people rent a 10’x10’ unit, which can hold some furniture and appliances. A 10’x15’ is large enough to fit the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. If you’re moving from a three-bedroom home, consider a 10’x20’ unit, whereas the contents of a four-bedroom home are best fitted inside a 10’x30’ unit.

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