Located in North Texas, Dallas is a modern metropolis that serves as the cultural, financial and commercial hub of the region. A former agricultural powerhouse, the city has since modernized and now boasts a diverse economy and an even more diverse population. Opportunities for entertainment and recreation abound, making the city a great place to call home for a wide array of people.

1. How big is Dallas?

Dallas has a total area of just over 380 square miles and is the third-most populous city in Texas. It also serves as the principal city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which ranks as the 4th largest metropolitan area in the U.S. The city of Dallas is mostly located in Dallas County, where it serves as the county seat, though some sections extend into Denton, Rockwall, Collin and Kaufman counties.

Dallas is divided into a number of areas, neighborhoods and communities, with three main districts: Central Dallas, East Dallas and South Dallas. Each of these is home to a myriad of residential neighborhoods, as well as commercial zones and business districts. Outside of the city proper, a number of surrounding suburbs balance the amenities of the big city with the peace of a far smaller town.

2. What is the weather like in Dallas?

Dallas has a humid subtropical climate that boasts cool winters and hot, humid summers. The transitional seasons of spring and autumn are, for the most part, moderately warm. This can be a good time to consider renting a storage unit in Dallas, which can be the ideal place to keep delicate items safe.

The high humidity levels during the summer months can also pose a risk to a number of sensitive belongings. Things such as old photos, important documents, wooden instruments and furniture, and precious collectibles can all be damaged by high humidity. Fortunately, a self storage unit with climate control can keep such possessions in top condition.

Art garden and reflecting pool in Downtown Dallas
Art garden and reflecting pool in Downtown Dallas


3. Dallas’s varied and exciting economy

Dallas’s economy is driven by sectors such as finance, IT, telecommunications, defense, real estate and transportation. The city is home to several Fortune 500 companies but is also fertile ground for small businesses to thrive.

Businesses big and small, across an array of sectors, can make use of self storage in Dallas. Important documents and archives can be safely stored in optimum conditions rather than getting lost in the office. Meanwhile, real estate firms can store staging equipment and promotional materials in a climate-controlled unit. Companies taking advantage of Dallas’s superb location and transportation links can also use self storage to store their stock before it’s shipped out to the customer.

If you’re thinking of moving your small business to Dallas, there will be a lot to think about. Leveraging a one-stop business advice platform to organize, optimize, manage, and market your business, like Inside Advisor, will give you a head start before you’ve even kick started your relocation efforts.

4. Universities and college life in Dallas

Notable universities and colleges in Dallas include the University of North Texas at Dallas, Dallas College and Paul Quinn College. There is also the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW), a top-ranking healthcare institution of biomedical sciences and one of the top three hospitals in Texas.

Tens of thousands of students study countless subjects in and around the city, and while life in dorms and student apartments can be good, self storage in Dallas is a great way to free up some space. Students can make excellent use of a storage unit to keep their rooms clutter-free during term time. In addition, it’s a fantastic place to store belongings over the summer break.

5. Fun in the sun — outdoor recreation in Dallas

White Rock Lake Park is just 5 miles east of downtown Dallas and offers an urban oasis more than twice the size of New York’s Central Park. Activities in this natural haven include hiking, cycling, fishing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, wildlife watching, and much more. Such activities can be enjoyed throughout the city in various other parks and green spaces, particularly on the banks of the Trinity River.

Cyclists cycling at White Rock Lake Park in Dallas,Texas
Cyclists cycling at White Rock Lake Park in Dallas,Texas

Renting a storage unit in Dallas can be a great way for residents to fully enjoy the fantastic outdoor pursuits the city offers. Boat owners can take advantage of boat storage, while a 10’x10’ or 10’x15’ unit is perfect for everything from bulky fishing gear to paddleboards.

6. Making your move to Dallas easier with self storage

People from across the globe relocate to Dallas to take advantage of the excellent entertainment scene, diverse job pool and rich culture. More people move to Texas from California than from any other U.S. state. A professional moving company will charge between $3,700 and $4,100 on average for this kind of move. Local fees are generally lower, but if you want to keep costs down, you can always take care of the moving process yourself.

Moving to the city goes more smoothly if you rent a storage unit in Dallas. Sending your belongings to storage rather than directly to your new home offers you far more flexibility and provides a plan B in case of delays or problems. Self storage can continue to offer a wealth of benefits even after you’ve moved in, such as freeing up space in your home during renovations.

7. Is Dallas a good place to live?

Dallas is a vibrant city, with much to offer in terms of job opportunities, culture and entertainment. That’s why it’s a popular moving destination. Let’s take a look at some of the most common places that attract Dallas newcomers:

Moving to Dallas from Los Angeles

As California to Texas is a fairly established moving route, it’s no surprise to see that many people from Los Angeles choose Dallas as their relocation destination. The city offers plenty of job opportunities, while the housing cost of housing is 43% lower in Dallas compared to Los Angeles. With summer temperatures ranging from 81 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, you still get to enjoy those summer pool days, especially if they were a big part of your LA living experience.

Moving to Dallas from NYC

When you move from New York City to Dallas, you can expect to see major perks. With the price of real estate being lower in Dallas, you can probably buy a house to your liking in the Dallas market. Moreover, Dallas enjoys a rich restaurant and entertainment scene, which makes going out enjoyable and fun here. Besides, you get to leave the cold New York winters behind and enjoy a warmer climate year-long.

8. Finding your ideal housing in diverse Dallas

Housing in Dallas is fairly varied. Multi-unit housing is slightly more common than single units, though this normally comes in the form of townhouses rather than high-rise blocks. Indeed, Dallas is better known for horizontal sprawl rather than vertical living, and even central districts such as Bishops Arts District feature more family homes than condo buildings. Living centrally often means trading space at home for proximity to job opportunities and entertainment options.

Aerial view of residential neighborhood in suburban Dallas, Texas
Aerial view of residential neighborhood in suburban Dallas, Texas

If you choose apartment living, you might have to make do with a smaller living space compared to a single family home. To avoid clutter, you can put some of your belongings in storage. Think items that get a seasonal use, such as clothing, décor and outdoor gear. You can always retrieve them when you need them again.

Townhouses, lofts, and shared homes are common in Downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods, whereas ranch homes and even mansions are more usual in the suburbs — University Park and Highland Park are areas with some wonderful residential properties.

While self storage might have helped when you transitioned to your new Dallas home, you might discover that the service can help you after the move. You can keep items that you rarely use in a storage unit to avoid having a cluttered home. Moreover, self storage can come in handy if you decide you want to take up a home improvement project. Move the furniture and other household items from the area under construction into storage for the duration of the project. Self storage can also help if you’re permanently working from home and need to create a home office space. The furniture from your now home office can sit in storage until you can find it an alternative use.

9. Self storage options in Dallas

The Dallas self storage market is well equipped to respond to the needs of the locals as one of the places with the largest inventory of self storage space. In fact, there are over 10M square feet of self storage in Dallas, which translates to 5 square feet of self storage space per person. That means you’ll be able to easily find a Dallas storage unit close to your home.

Once you decide on the location of your storage facility, you also need to find out what kind of storage unit you’ll need. For the moving stage, a 10’x20’ or a 10’x30’ can fit the belongings from a three- or four-bedroom home. Go for a 10’x15’ unit if you’re moving from a two-bedroom apartment. The 10’x10’ unit, the most popular rented unit size, can also help when moving. It can house the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. Once you’re settled into your new home, you can rent a 5’x5’ or 5’x10’ unitto keep seasonal items such as bulky clothing, décor or sports gear. If you’re not sure which unit size is best for you, you can consult this storage unit size guide.

To find self storage listings in Dallas, you can head out to the StorageCafe portal.


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