Situated in the gorgeous Santa Clara Valley and surrounded by rolling hills, San Jose is known as one of the most innovative and affluent cities in the country. The beating heart of Silicon Valley, it’s an economic, cultural and political hub in the region, a place where historic architecture meets cutting-edge tech.

1. How big is San Jose?

Covering around 180 square miles, San Jose ranks as the third-most populous city in California and the 10th largest in the US. It is also the largest city in the San Francisco Bay Area. Serving as the county seat of San Jose County, the city is the main component of the San Jose–Sunnyvale–Santa Clara Metropolitan Statistical Area, which covers 868 square miles.

San Jose is made up of numerous districts and neighborhoods, as well as several unincorporated communities. Central San Jose takes in the historic downtown district, and West San Jose, North San Jose, East San Jose and South San Jose fan out from around that center. Outside of the city, a number of other cities and suburbs surround San Jose, for example Santa Clara, Sunnyvale and Los Altos.

2. What is the weather like in San Jose?

San Jose enjoys a Mediterranean climate that boasts hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. While more than 300 days of sunshine a year can be wonderful for the mind and body, it can be damaging to certain items.

Tree in the middle of concrete walkways in Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose, California
Tree in the middle of concrete walkways in Japanese Friendship Garden in San Jose, California

Wooden and leather furniture can suffer from intense heat, while photos and works of art can fade if they’re exposed to too much direct sunlight. Fortunately, many storage units in San Jose offer climate control, ideal for keeping your valued possessions in prime condition.

It’s also worth considering self storage for vehicles. Prolonged exposure to the searing summer sun can reduce the lifespan of components such as batteries and tires.

3. San Jose: A booming economy built on tech

San Jose is synonymous with Silicon Valley, which in turn is synonymous with technology. It’s no surprise the high-tech sector are driving the economy with the city is home to countless companies specializing in developing the latest IT systems. Production facilities and headquarters for companies large and small fill up business parks that dot the city.

San Jose is also awash with start-ups and is a superb place for small businesses. Self storage in San Jose can provide solutions for any type of business. From providing a space for the next generation of geniuses who can develop life-changing technology to serving as storage for archives and important documents, there are countless ways that self storage ties in with the local economy.

4. Universities and college life in San Jose

A plethora of universities and colleges have sprung up in and around San Jose, training up a talented workforce to continue driving technology ever onwards. San Jose State University is the largest in the city, providing a wealth of qualifications for the thousands of students that pass through its doors. A number of community colleges also serve the city.

Students living in dorms can make great use of a storage unit in San Jose. Not only does it provide a space to keep bulky items out of the way, freeing up space in the dorm, but it’s also a top solution during summer break when rooms must be vacated. It’s much more convenient for students to put their belongings in a storage unit than to move them back home for this period.

Old building at the San Jose State University, San Jose, California
Old building at the San Jose State University, San Jose, California

5. Getting out and about in sunny San Jose

San Jose enjoys a stunning location that boasts proximity to the beach and ocean, as well as to mountains, forests and various state parks and preserves. As a result, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy the great outdoors in and around the city. Heading to the ocean, residents can enjoy surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, kayaking, sailing, stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, and much more.

If you have your own equipment for these activities, but worry about it taking up space at home, it’s worth renting a storage unit in San Jose. Many facilities even offer boat storage. Skiing and snow sports are popular pastimes in winter, with several resorts close to the city. Over the summer, self storage can be an excellent solution for keeping your gear out of the way.

6. Making your move to San Jose easier with self storage

San Jose is immensely appealing to a huge variety of people, in particular young professionals specializing in tech. More people move from Washington to California than from any other state. On average, it’ll cost between $3,800 and $4,200 to hire a professional moving company to help. Of course, you can take care of the move yourself, but this can be time-consuming and stressful.

Either way, hiring a storage unit in San Jose before you move into your new home is a great idea. It offers much more flexibility during the moving process, as you can have your belongings sent to storage directly. This allows you to move into your new place at your own pace while providing a backup plan in case of delays. After you’ve moved in, your storage unit can continue to serve a purpose by keeping your home clutter-free and providing a space for bulky items during renovations.

7. Exploring the diverse housing of San Jose

Single unit homes are more common in San Jose than apartment buildings. Having said that, townhouses, lofts and small apartment buildings dot the central districts, whereas single family homes can be found in both the city and the surrounding suburbs. The housing stock is fairly varied throughout the city, with homes of all sizes.

If you live in a San Jose apartment, you might soon appreciate the appeal of renting a self storage unit. To make the most of your living space, you’re better off putting seasonal and bulky items in a storage unit. You can retrieve them when you need them again.

Single family homeowners can also get a lot of use out of renting a self storage unit. The service can come in handy way beyond moving. Furniture, appliances and clothing can sit in storage, which is very useful if they only get occasional or seasonal use. Moreover, home improvement is an excellent time to turn to self storage – you can put the contents of the area under construction in a storage unit to avoid cluttering your home for the duration of the project.

Moving in with your parents and/or grandparents to form a multi-generational household is another instance when you can use self storage. As two or more households now share the same home, additional furniture, appliances and heirlooms might not fit into the new living arrangement. They can sit in a storage unit until they need to be used again.

Residential neighborhood in south San Jose, California
Residential neighborhood in south San Jose, California

8. Is San Jose a good place to live?

Thanks to its unbeatable weather, amazing job opportunities in tech and a plethora of hiking trails, San Jose, also known the capital of Silicon Valley, is seeing plenty of newcomers joining its ranks. Let’s take a look at the most common moving routes leading here:

Moving to San Jose from Boston

If you’ve been living in Boston but cold winter weather isn’t to your liking, moving to San Jose might do the trick – the city boasts the gorgeous Mediterranean climate which many people enjoy. If you’re moving with your family, San Jose offers plenty of public and private good schools that compare well to those in Boston. If watching sports was high on your list of priorities while living in Boston, you can still enjoy this pastime whether you’re cheering on the San Jose Sharks or going to see the San Jose Giants.

Moving to San Jose from San Francisco

When you’re swapping San Francisco for San Jose you might be in luck – living in the Capital of Silicon Valley costs less than living in San Francisco. Also, local public transit options abound, so you might be able to do without a car to get to work. Thanks to the proximity of beaches and surrounding hills, you should find it easy to enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re used to having various dining options in San Francisco, you might be pleasantly surprised by San Jose’s eclectic dining scene, featuring Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, Greek food and other cuisines.

9. The self storage market in San Jose

The self storage market in San Jose has plenty of options for locals and newcomers, with a local inventory of over 4.5M square feet of self storage space. In addition, close to 112K square feet of self storage space are set for delivery in 2022. With that said, it should be easy to rent a self storage unit in San Jose, California.

Once you’ve found your storage facility, you should also consider which unit size you need. If you’re storing seasonal décor and other smaller items, a 5’x5’ or a 5’x10’ unit is ideal. If you need to store furniture or other bulky items, you should upgrade to a 10’x10’ unit. Go for a 10’x15’ unit if you need to store the contents of an entire room or a 10’x20’ or 10’x30’ for storing the belongings from a large home. If you’re unsure which unit size is best for you, you can consult this unit size guide.

To get a better sense of the self storage options in San Jose, head to the StorageCafe portal.


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