Located on the North Atlantic Coast, Virginia Beach is an independent coastal city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Famous for having the longest pleasure beach in the world and amazing surfing opportunities, the city enjoys a long and rich history dating back to the 1600s. Nowadays, Virginia Beach is a popular tourist destination and a residential hotspot.

1. How big is Virginia Beach?

Covering a total area of just under 500 square miles, Virginia Beach is the largest city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It ranks among the top 50 largest cities in the U.S., yet it remains mostly suburban in character. It’s a principal city in the Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area which covers more than 3,700 square miles.

The city proper is divided into seven boroughs: Bayside, Blackwater, Kempsville, Lynnhaven, Princess Anne, Pungo and Virginia Beach. Each one is further comprised of numerous neighborhoods and communities.

2. What is the weather like in Virginia Beach?

With a humid subtropical climate, Virginia Beach enjoys four distinct seasons. Summers tend to be hot and humid, while winters are generally cool with only light snowfall. The city experiences almost 50 inches of precipitation throughout the year on average. For the most part, this is fairly evenly distributed, although the months from June to September experience marginally higher levels.

Old Point Comfort Lighthouse and keeper's quarters in Fort Monroe, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, VA
Old Point Comfort Lighthouse and keeper’s quarters in Fort Monroe, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, VA

Living in a high-humidity climate can be challenging when it comes to storing a lot of household items. Keeping them all within the air-conditioned area of the home can create clutter around the home. That’s why seasonal and bulky items can sit in a storage unit until they can be used again. Additionally, other types of items such as photos, paintings, documents, collectibles and wooden musical instruments can also be susceptible to damage caused by high humidity. Renting self storage in Virginia Beach can be a good way to prevent such damage, especially with a climate-controlled unit.

3. Virginia Beach’s economy — from agriculture to tourism

Virginia Beach has a fairly diverse economy with a mix of public and private sector industries. A number of military bases call the city home with many residents employed in government and military roles. Tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and international commerce drive the private sector, with various international firms headquartered in the city.

Renting a storage unit in Virginia Beach is a great way for local and international businesses to gain more space within the city proper. Agricultural businesses may find a unit extremely useful for storing market stands and promotional materials that can be used at the local farmer’s market. Meanwhile, businesses focusing on tourism can use a unit to store anything from rental bikes to hotel supplies.

4. Universities and college life in Virginia Beach

There’s a mix of public and private universities and colleges in and around Virginia Beach, with many major institutions operating satellite sites and campuses in the city. Major institutions include Regent University, Atlantic University, Virginia Tech, the University of Virginia and Tidewater Community College.

Students looking for a little more space than the average dorm provides can consider self storage in Virginia Beach. It’s a great place to keep bulky items such as seasonal clothes when they’re not needed, ensuring even the smallest dorms and apartments can remain clutter-free. Additionally, a self storage unit can also come in handy at the end of a school year. Students can put their belongings in storage over the summer to avoid moving them back home.

5. Outdoor recreation in Virginia Beach — sea, sand and adventure

Virginia Beach is ideally located for residents to enjoy a wide array of outdoor pursuits. Surfing is a popular sport, but there’s also kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, fishing and much more. Out of the water, the city is close to numerous wildlife refuges, forests and parks, ideal for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and camping.

Boardwalk of Virginia Beach,VA
Boardwalk of Virginia Beach, VA

Renting a storage unit in Virginia Beach provides a perfect place to keep all of the bulky equipment associated with outdoor activities, for example kayaks. With boat storage, many facilities will even be able to accommodate larger sailing craft. Regular units can store everything from horse saddles to surfboards in climate-controlled conditions, in order to ensure your gear remains in top shape.

6. Moving to Virginia Beach with the help of self storage

With its rich history, vibrant culture and great location, more and more people are choosing to relocate to Virginia Beach. Generally speaking, more people move to Virginia from Maryland than from any other U.S. state. It’ll typically cost between $3,300 and $3,600 for a professional moving company to assist with such a move. Doing it yourself can lower your costs, but it can take time and might be more stressful.

In any case, renting a storage unit in Virginia Beach is a great way to reduce the stress of moving. By sending your belongings to a storage facility rather than directly to your new home, you can choose when you move in, rather than matching schedules with the seller or landlord. When you do move in, you can do so at your own pace instead of bringing all your belongings at once. After you’re settled in, your unit is ideal for keeping your new home clutter-free and can be invaluable if you choose to redecorate or renovate.

7. Housing in Virginia Beach

Dating back to the 1600s, some of the neighborhoods of Virginia Beach boast a huge array of different home styles. Single-unit homes dominate the housing stock, though you’ll find numerous apartment blocks and townhouses in more central areas, such as Town Center, the downtown district of Virginia Beach. Coastal neighborhoods such as Chesapeake Beach boast a varied selection of housing options, including beach cottages, condos, Princess Anne and Tudor revival homes, as well as occasional apartment blocks.

While self storage is mostly associated with moving, you can also make use of the service after you get settled into your new Virginia Beach house. Renovating your home can be a great time to turn to the service again. You can place the items from the area under construction in a storage unit to avoid cluttering your home for the duration of the project. Moreover, you can also rent a self storage unit if you decide to move in with your parents to form a multi-generational household. Sometimes when two generations come under the same roof, additional furniture, appliances and family heirlooms will also need a new home. You can place them in storage until you need to use them again.

Apartments closer to the business and entertainment hubs offer a great location, but generally less space than homes in more residential neighborhoods. However, you can turn to self storage to help you better enjoy your living space. Seasonal and bulky items as well as hobby gear can sit in storage until they’re ready to be used again leaving you more room to enjoy your home without cluttering it.

Historic apartment building in Fort Monroe, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, VA
Historic apartment building in Fort Monroe, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, VA

8. Is Virginia Beach, VA, a good place to live?

Located at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is a vibrant city known for its incredible vacation offerings, diverse economy and strategic location. Besides attracting tourists, Virginia Beach is a magnet for people looking to put down roots. Here are some of the most common moving routes leading to the Virginian city:

Moving to Virginia Beach from Boston

When you’re moving from Boston to Virginia Beach, VA, you’re exchanging a rich historical city for another one – Virginia Beach is the home of First Landing State Park, a historical site named for the pilgrims’ arrival at Plymouth Rock in 1607. Virginia Beach also sports a milder climate while still getting all four seasons – a true perk if you’re looking to leave behind the colder Boston winters! Moreover, living here means you still get to enjoy delicious seafood, with plenty of local dining spots catering to this type of cuisine.

Moving to Virginia Beach from NYC

Swapping NYC for Virginia Beach means you’re getting to enjoy a lower cost of living here while still having access to high-income jobs. While real estate isn’t cheap, you can probably find better deals on local homes as compared to pricier NYC. Living here means you have access to great schools – as the city routinely gets good rankings for its local education – and you also have access to top-notch health care facilities. The U.S. News and World Report places Sentara Norfolk General among America’s Best Hospitals.

9. What are the storage options in Virginia Beach?

Besides moving, you might discover self storage to be a real boon when you live here. The Virginia Beach self storage market can come to your aid thanks to the rich local inventory encompassing close to 5.8M square feet of self storage space that translates to over 10 square feet of self storage space per person. Therefore, it won’t be difficult to find your ideal Virginia Beach, VA, self storage unit close to your home.

Once you’ve found the closest facility to your home, it’s time to consider what kind of unit size you need. For decorations and other small odds and ends, you can rent a  5’x5’or 5’x10’ unit. Most people rent a 10’x10’ – very useful if you need to store furniture too. For the contents of a room, you can turn to a 10’x15’ unit. If, however, you’re moving your apartment or home, a 10’x20’ or 10’x30’ unit may be best suited for this purpose. If you’re unsure which size is best for your needs, this storage unit size guide can help you make a decision.

To find your next self storage listing, you can consult the StorageCafe portal.


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