Lexington Park is a relatively modern town. Before the Patuxent Naval Air Station was established here in 1943, the area that is urban nowadays used to be flush with tobacco farms, as well as waterfront activities, such as crabbing, oyster harvesting and fishing. The base brought a change of pace, as well as a boost to the local economy, turning Lexington Park into a dynamic, growing community, and attracting both young professionals and families. So, if you’re thinking of relocating to Lexington Park, here’s what you need to know.

1. How big is Lexington Park, MD?

Lexington Park is a census-designated place located in St. Mary’s County in Maryland and the main community in the Lexington Park, Maryland, micropolitan statistical area. It occupies around six square miles and the population is around 13K based on the 2020 Census results.

St. Mary’s County is part of Southern Maryland, the fast-growing area of the state and also a bedroom community for people working in Washington D.C. However, many of the local residents do actually work in the county.

2. What’s the weather like in Lexington Park, MD?

If you’re thinking about living in Lexington Park, you should also know a little bit about the local weather. The city enjoys a subtropical climate, with hot humid summers and mild winters. Keeping in mind the humid climate profile of Lexington Park, you should think about putting some temperature- and humidity-sensitive items in storage instead of keeping them in your garage or attic, which can often be areas of the home that don’t enjoy the perks of AC. Furniture, appliances, clothing and paper-based items are some of the things that can benefit from climate control.

Lexington Park, MD Pier
Lexington Park, MD Pier

3. What’s the job market like in Lexington Park, MD?

The Patuxent Naval Air Station is the powerhouse of the local economy, not just for Lexington Park but also for St. Mary’s County, and it is the town’s main employer. Public administration is the town’s most common industry by number of employees, followed by professional, scientific and technical services, and retail trade.

The median household income in Lexington Park is generally somewhat higher than the national average. This is mostly due to the large number of high-tech jobs available in the town. The living costs, however, tend to be lower compared to large nearby cities like Baltimore, Washington, DC, and even Alexandria.

Self storage can come in handy for various local businesses. For instance, corporate businesses can turn to self storage to keep paper-based records. Additionally, both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses can also make use of self storage to better manage additional stock as well as furniture and other business-related items.

4. What are the education options in Lexington Park, MD?

There are eight public schools in Lexington Park, all of which frequently enjoy above-average ratings. While there are no colleges within the town proper, St. Mary’s College of Maryland is just seven miles south of the town.

For students attending St Mary’s College, self storage can be a real boon: they can use it to store bulky and seasonal items to help them make the most of their living space. Additionally, when school is off for the summer, they can rent a storage unit to keep all their belongings until the new term resumes in the fall.

5. What does the entertainment scene look like in Lexington Park, MD?

Lexington Park enjoys a great location on the banks of Patuxent River, which flows into Chesapeake Bay, making it an excellent spot for those who enjoy a day out in the great outdoors. The nearby Mattapany-Sewall Archeological Site is also worth a visit if you’re interested in 17th-century arsenals. Those who enjoy history or a family day out are welcome to check out the Patuxent River Naval Air Museum and Visitor Center, with over 25 aircraft on display. Most of the town’s bars and restaurants are lined up along Great Mills Road and Three Notch Road, so if you fancy a night out, you can head out to Captain Pat’s Seafood for traditional, local crab and shrimp, followed by Pax River Ale House, where you can try one of their more than 30 draft beers.

Beach chairs by Chesapeake Bay, Maryland
Beach chairs by Chesapeake Bay, Maryland

6. What is Lexington Park, MD famous for?

Lexington Park’s very existence is closely tied with U.S. naval history, so it’s a given that the name would also stem from it. The town was named after the USS Lexington (CV-2), an aircraft carrier that was sunk during the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942.

7. Moving to Lexington Park, MD – self storage can assist

Lexington Park is a fast-growing ‘micropolitan’ area. What was once a rural area has now transformed into a hub for high-tech jobs and high-rated schools, while at the same time maintaining its historic charm and laid-back vibe.

What does the moving process to Lexington Park, MD, involve?

One of the first things to look into when planning your relocation to Lexington Park is finding a place to call home. In spite of its small size, the town offers plenty of choice in terms of rentals, from studio apartments along the bay to downtown houses, so take a moment to browse the available listings.

To make the moving process run smoothly, you can send your belongings ahead of moving day so that the relocation process is a little less stressful. You can have your items delivered to a storage facility close to your home. Once you move into your new home, you can take several trips to retrieve your belongings gradually so as not to be overwhelmed with the organization of your new home.

What are the costs of moving to Lexington Park, MD?

The costs of moving to Lexington Park depend not only on where you’re relocating from but also on the number of belongings and the time of year when your move is due. For out-of-state movers coming from Virginia, for example, the costs average around $3,300-$3,600.

8. What are the housing options in Lexington Park, MD?

Lexington Park offers residents a mix of suburban living, with the facilities of a larger town, plus plenty of green spaces. In spite of its relatively small population, the town receives plaudits as one of the best places to live in St. Mary’s County.

Whether you choose Pembrooke/Carver Heights – a neighborhood offering a mixture of houses and apartments — the primarily single-family neighborhood of Bay Ridge, or Essex South, there are plenty of neighborhoods you can choose to live in when you make Lexington Park your home.

If you choose to live in a house, self storage can help you beyond moving. You can rent a storage unit to keep seasonal items and bulky belongings away from home until you can use them again so that you can keep an organized home. Moreover, self storage can come in handy if you’re taking up a home improvement project. Belongings from the area under construction can sit in a storage unit until the project is completed.

For apartment dwellers, self storage is a welcome service given that they usually enjoy less living space than those living in single-family homes. A storage unit is a great place to keep seasonal items as well as hobby-related items when you’re not using them. This way, you can make the most of your living space without overcrowding it with belongings you’re not using year-round.

9. Is Lexington Park, MD a good place to live?

Here are some common moving routes for Lexington Park, with Atlanta and NYC as the main sources of newcomers to the Maryland city:

Moving to Lexington Park from Atlanta

Moving from Atlanta to Lexington Park doesn’t mean you need to give up your high Atlanta salary. In fact, the median income here is close to $75K, a lot higher than the national average. There are good opportunities for new jobs and business growth. If you’re moving with your family to Lexington Park, the city enjoys good schools, so you’re able to offer your children access to good education.

Moving to Lexington Park from NYC

Leaving behind NYC for Lexington Park might make you miss the big city atmosphere, but you don’t have to give it up altogether. Washington D.C. is less than two hours away and connections to NYC are pretty good if you miss the Big Apple. Also, if you’re a fan of the outdoors, Lexington Park isn’t short of opportunities for going out and about. You can explore the nearby state parks as well as the sandy beaches and freshwater creeks around the Chesapeake Bay.

10. What are the storage options in Lexington Park, MD?

When relocating to a town as compact as Lexington Park, it can be tempting to assume that moving in will be as breezy as a stroll down to the Chesapeake Bay. However, it’s always best to prepare for any delays that can arise with moving into your new home, so you should never rule out the fact that a storage facility can be of tremendous help.

couple holding cardboard boxes walking towards camera in self storage unit
Couple holding cardboard boxes walking towards camera in self storage unit.

Lexington Park may be small, but you’ll find out that the Lexington Park self storage market offers plenty of self storage units, coming with amenities such as climate control, 24-hour access, parking and security features – a diverse palette of features for your next  Lexington Park self storage unit!

Once you find your facility, consider which unit size you might need. A 5’x5’ unit is perfect for smaller items such as hobby and outdoor gear, but if you need to store bulkier items, a 5’x10’ unit is probably a better option. Most people tend to rent a 10’x10’ unit, which can hold a lot more items. For the contents of an entire room, you can turn to a 10’x15’ unit.

Moreover, when moving, a 10’x20’ or 10’x30’ can come in handy, assisting you in keeping all your belongings away from your home. If you’re unsure which unit size you need, you can consult this storage unit size guide page.

You can browse through the StorageCafe portal to find local listings.


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