Situated on the edge of the Great Plains and neighboring Denver, Aurora is a city in the U.S. state of Colorado. It’s known for its cultural richness, incredible cuisine, a plethora of outdoor activities and a chilled-out atmosphere. With a superb location, good job opportunities and lots of entertainment options, there’s something for everyone in Aurora.

Here’s what you should know about Aurora before moving here:

1. How big is Aurora?

With a total area of just over 160 square miles, Aurora is the third-largest city in Colorado and the 51st largest in the U.S. It extends into three counties: Arapahoe, Adams and Douglas, and it serves as a principal city in the Denver–Aurora–Lakewood Metropolitan area. The city proper is composed of around 90 recognized neighborhoods and districts, as well as a number of military installations.

2. What is the weather like in Aurora?

With a semi-arid climate, the weather in Aurora is characterized by hot, fairly dry summers and mild to cold winters. The city sees around 18 inches of precipitation annually, with rainfall more or less evenly dispersed throughout the year.

Residents looking to protect their vehicles and other outside belongings from hot and humid weather in the summer can consider renting a storage unit in Aurora. Self storage is also a great way to keep sensitive items in peak condition, with climate-controlled units prolonging the lifespan of a huge array of items.

Open autumn field, Aurora, CO
Open autumn field, Aurora, CO

3. Using self storage to enjoy Aurora’s economy

Aurora boasts a fairly diverse economy with major industries including healthcare, retail and hospitality. Known as ‘The Gateway to the Rockies,’ tourism is another important sector for the city, which sees numerous visitors throughout the year.

Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from renting self storage in Aurora. A storage unit is an ideal place for tourist businesses to store everything from rental bikes to hotel linen. Alternatively, businesses in need of extra space can use a storage unit to keep older records and important documents organized and out of the way.

4. Universities and college life in Aurora

Aurora is home to several colleges and universities, with a more or less equal mix of public and private institutions. Several medical schools can be found within the city, including Platt College and Anschutz Medical Campus, a University of Colorado Denver campus.

Student accommodation can sometimes feel a little crowded, especially in shared dorms. However, by renting a storage unit in Aurora, students can gain all the extra space they need to keep their digs clutter-free. This is ideal during term time, but also over the summer break since they can leave their belongings in the city while they return home or travel.

5. Outdoor recreation in Aurora — a natural playground

Aurora is well-known for offering a plethora of things to do out of doors. With stunning natural surroundings, as well as an extensive park system within the city, there are opportunities for fun at every corner. Over 100 miles of trails are waiting to be explored across 99 city parks, while numerous lakes and reservoirs provide a space for fishing, sailing, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding.

Golf is another popular pastime, with several world-class courses to check out. In winter, the nearby Rocky Mountains are ideal for snow sports. If you own your own skis, kayak, golf clubs or any other bulky gear, renting a storage unit in Aurora provides the ideal place to keep it. Not only does this save space at home, but it also ensures your stuff is safe and ready to go whenever you need it.

6. Moving to Aurora — aided by self storage

An amazing climate, great weather, good job opportunities and endless things to do are just some of the reasons why people from all walks of life are choosing to call Aurora home. More people from California than any other U.S. state make the move to Colorado. On average, a professional moving company will charge around $4,000 for a move that is less than 1,000 miles, but it can cost more for longer distances. Doing it yourself will certainly save costs but will take longer and can be very stressful.

In any case, renting self storage in Aurora can turn the moving process into a much more enjoyable experience. It allows flexibility, so rather than trying to match schedules with the seller, you can send your belongings to storage and take your time finding the home of your dreams. When you are ready to move in, you can do so at your own pace, instead of having all your belongings arrive at once and being surrounded by moving boxes.

7. How self storage supports housing in Aurora

Aurora boasts a rather diverse housing market. Single-unit houses dominate the market with a rich choice of styles to choose from. In any given neighborhood you’re likely to find everything from classic American Foursquare houses and laidback ranch-style homes sitting alongside charming bungalows and Tudor revivals. There’s also no shortage of more modern, contemporary styles either, with lean, mean, modern row houses becoming a common sight in central neighborhoods that are looking to make the most of the space available.

If you choose to live in a single family home in Aurora, you can turn to self storage to help you in various circumstances. For starters, self storage can help you keep a tidy and organized home. You can put seasonal decorations and heavy winter clothing in storage until you’re ready to use them again. Moreover, when taking up a home remodeling project, the contents of the areas undergoing renovations can sit in storage until the project is completed. Additionally, with the formation of multi-generational households, additional furniture, appliances and other household items can be kept in a storage unit until they are needed again.

Aerial View of Denver Suburb of Aurora, Colorado
Aerial view of Aurora, Colorado

While single-unit homes dominate much of the city, there are plenty of apartments, condos and townhouses to choose from. These tend to be clustered around central neighborhoods such as Aurora Heights, Aurora Hills and Village East, close to entertainment and commercial districts. If you value location over square footage but feel you could use a little extra space, renting a storage unit in Aurora can be a great way to enjoy your dream home without worrying about compromising. A storage unit is great for keeping seasonal decorations, bulky items and sports gear during the off-season, allowing you to better enjoy your home space.

8. Is Aurora a good place to live?

Aurora is a charming Colorado city and it keeps attracting newcomers. Here are some of the common moving routes leading here:

Moving to Aurora from Boston

When you move from Boston to Aurora, you get to experience a city with a lower cost of living, while retaining some of the perks of big city living. The job market is varied and there are excellent schools to ensure your children receive quality education. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you’re leaving those Boston snowy winters behind for mild Aurora weather that still allows you to enjoy all four seasons but without the extreme cold and heat.

Moving to Aurora from Denver

Swapping Denver for Aurora is great if you’re looking for a smaller city while still enjoying the perks of living in Colorado, especially if you’re a fan of the outdoors. Both the Mile High City and Aurora sit at over 5,000 feet, with Aurora being slightly more elevated. This could be a perk if higher-altitude weather is better for your health. Moreover, there are several reputable health care centers here which means you’ll have access to great medical care.

9. What’s the Aurora self storage market like?

The  self storage market in Aurora is there to serve you, thanks to the presence of around 2K storage units, amounting to about 2.9M sq. ft. of self storage space.

Knowing which unit size you need is essential to finding the ideal Aurora, CO storage unit. The 5’x5’ unit is the smallest standard unit and can accommodate a few boxes and seasonal decorations. A 5’x10’ unit is perfect to house the contents of an average-sized bedroom, while a 10’x10’ can fit the belongings from a couple of small rooms. If you’re moving and need to put the contents of a two-bedroom apartment in storage, you can turn to a 10’x15’ unit. For larger homes, a 10’x20’ or 10’x30’ should do the job. If you’re not sure which size you need, you can consult this storage unit size guide.

To make the most of your move to Aurora, take a look at the self storage listings on the StorageCafe search portal.


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