Situated at the confluence of the Sacramento and American Rivers, Sacramento is the state capital of California. Serving as the seat of the Governor of California and the California Legislature, the city acts as a political center for the state. With its contemporary culture and diversity, Sacramento is also regarded as a regional cultural and economic hub, as well as a notable financial center.

Here are nine things you should about Sacramento before moving there:

1. How big is Sacramento?

Considered to be the fastest growing city in California, Sacramento still has some catching up to do before it reaches the lofty heights of LA, San Francisco or San Diego. However, covering an area of just under 100 square miles, it ranks among the top 10 largest cities in the U.S. and is the largest city in Sacramento County, where it serves as the county seat. It’s also the principal city in the Sacramento metropolitan area, which crosses into seven counties over a total area of around 21,450 square miles.

The city proper is divided into four main areas — each consisting of a number of neighborhoods — which are simply named: Area 1, Area 2, Area 3 and Area 4.

2. What is the weather like in Sacramento?

With a hot Mediterranean climate, Sacramento enjoys hot, dry summers and largely mild winters. Rainfall measures just over 20 inches a year, mostly falling October through April. The local tule fog can be extremely dense during December and January, causing hazardous conditions on the road.

Summertime can be an especially good time to consider renting a storage unit in Sacramento. Seasonal and bulky items as well as winter sports gear can sit in a climate-controlled unit during the summer to avoid cluttering your home.

For those who’d rather avoid cycling, riding or driving during the tule fog in Sacramento, a storage unit is an ideal place to keep vehicles safe until conditions improve. Plus, with climate control, you can also move wooden outdoor furniture, scooters or even cars into storage during winter, to prevent issues caused by excess moisture and humidity.

Dawn over the landmarks of West Sacramento
Dawn over the landmarks of West Sacramento

3. What’s the job market like in Sacramento?

Sacramento enjoys a rather diverse economy. Major drivers include government, health care, education and tourism. The tech sector is also slowly finding a foothold in the city, with several start-ups springing up.

Renting a storage unit in Sacramento can be a great way for small businesses to take advantage of affordable extra space. They can use a storage unit to keep excess stock, office furniture and paper-based records. Meanwhile, the many tourism companies in the city can use self storage for everything from rental bicycles to the historic costumes used in shows on the streets of Old Sacramento.

4. Universities and college life in Sacramento

Sacramento is an educational hub, home to a wealth of educational opportunities and institutions. Major facilities include Sacramento State and the University of California, Davis — famed for the UC Davis Medical Center and its associated School of Medicine. Thousands of students attend these and many other colleges and universities in the city, helping to create a lively and diverse atmosphere.

Spacious student accommodation can be difficult to come across, but even the most crowded dorms can become clutter-free by renting self storage in Sacramento — an ideal place to store seasonal items and bulky belongings. Moreover, a storage unit can come especially handy during the summer break, when students can store their belongings there instead of moving them back home.

5. Outdoor recreation in Sacramento

Boasting great weather and a superb location, surrounded by forests, state parks, rivers and lakes, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation in Sacramento. The American River is a top spot for sailing, canoeing, kayaking and even fishing. If you’re a boat owner, many storage units in Sacramento offer boat storage, saving you valuable space at home.

Sutter's Fort State Historic Park in Sacramento, CA
Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park in Sacramento, CA

Other pastimes include hiking and cycling or heading to the ocean to catch the surf. There are also several ski resorts a short drive away. Once again, skis, snowboards and even surfing gear can also be kept out of sight in self storage until you need them.

6. Moving to Sacramento – easier with self storage

The diverse and cultural city of Sacramento, with its tree-lined streets and gorgeous surroundings, is an attractive choice for people looking to relocate. In general, more people move to California from Washington than from any other U.S. state. You can expect to pay between $3,800 and $4,200 for a professional moving company to assist with the move. Doing it yourself can save you money, but it’s also stressful and time-consuming. Plus, with fragile items, you might do more harm than good.

Either way, renting self storage in Sacramento will make the entire moving process simpler. As you begin to leave your old home, you can send your belongings to storage as you pack them. When the time comes for the move itself, you have the flexibility to move into your new home when it suits you, and you can transfer your belongings there at your own pace.

7. Housing in Sacramento

Sacramento offers a mixed bag of housing opportunities, taking in everything from historic homes to ultra-modern loft apartments. Stand-out architectural styles include the iconic California craftsman bungalows, which are popular in more historic districts such as Midtown and East Sacramento.

As it happens, single-unit homes dominate the market, although apartments, townhouses and other multi-unit options are also available. You’ll find the majority of apartment buildings, particularly the larger ones, in Downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. Apartment living in Sacramento means you don’t get to enjoy quite as much storage space as you would living in a house. To keep your living space comfortable and breezy, you can turn to self storage to keep bulky and seasonal items until you need to use them again.

Moreover, larger suburbs such as North Natomas also offer condos and single family homes. If you live in a house in Sacramento, you’re likely to rent self storage not only when moving but also in other instances as well. Bulky and seasonal items can sit in a storage unit until you retrieve them.

Home remodeling is another instance when self storage can come in handy. The contents of the room(s) being renovated can be put in a storage unit to avoid cluttering the rest of your home for the duration of the project. Downsizing and moving with your extended family to form a multi-generational household are also times when self storage can help. Additional furniture, family heirlooms and other household belongings can sit in a storage unit until a later time, allowing you to better enjoy your home space.

Street in downtown Sacramento
Street in downtown Sacramento

8. Is Sacramento a good place to live?

Thanks to its tech and cultural revival, Sacramento has been on the radar of other people looking to move. Here are some common moving routes to Sacramento:

Moving to Sacramento from the Bay Area

Leaving the Bay Area behind for Sacramento could at first seem like going for a slower lifestyle, as the City of Trees might not be able to compete with San Francisco in terms of city amenities. However, living costs are much lower and there are great schools available if you have children. For outdoor fans, there’s a plethora of hiking, fishing and other activities.

Moving to Sacramento from Los Angeles

The Golden State has many great cities to live in, but if you’d like to leave the glitz and glam of LA behind for Sacramento, there are serious perks for you in store: Not only does your dollar go further in Sacramento, but you also get to enjoy the city’s farm-to-table culture with many restaurants competing to offer dishes with locally-sourced ingredients.

9. What is the self storage market like in Sacramento, California?

If you’re wondering what the self storage market in Sacramento looks like, you need wonder no more: As a result of demand, the city boasts about 5.9M sq. ft. of self storage space, based on data from Yardi Matrix.

Sacramento also offers various sizes of self storage unit, tailored to your specific needs. If you need a small unit to store a few smaller belongings, a 5’x5’ or 5’x10’ unit might be enough. However, more people rent a 10’x10’ unit. If you need a larger one to store contents from several rooms or even an entire home, a 10’x15’, 10’x20’ or even 10’x30’ unit could help. Make a list of all the items you wish to store before picking a unit size. If you’re not sure which unit is best for you, you can check out this self storage unit size guide.

After you’ve decided which unit size is best for you, you should also know the self storage rates. A self storage unit in Sacramento rents for about $155/month for a standard non-climate-controlled 10’x10’ unit. If you’re choosing a climate-controlled one, you’d pay about $163/month for the same size unit.

To find a self storage unit close to you in Sacramento, California, check out the self storage listings for this city on StorageCafe’s search portal.


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