Las Vegas is a city that needs no introduction. Famous around the world for its top-class entertainment and hospitality, it’s home to an exciting array of mega-hotels, casinos, theaters, concert venues, theme parks and much more. A blazing light in the desert, the city also serves as a major commercial, financial and cultural center in Nevada, and it has housing options to match. Vegas’s population has been increasing, and the reasons for moving here are more numerous than many people imagine.

1. How big is Las Vegas?

Covering just over 140 square miles, Vegas is the largest city in the Mojave Desert and the most populous in Nevada. The Entertainment Capital of the World serves as the county seat of Clark County and anchors the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area, which stretches across the 600 square mile basin it is named after. Moving to Nevada, you could stay in the state’s second- and third-largest incorporated cities, North Las Vegas and Henderson, which can also be found within this metropolitan area.

The city of Las Vegas proper comprises four main districts: Downtown, The Lakes, Summerlin and West Las Vegas. In addition, 11 surrounding communities (mostly unincorporated) are typically considered to be part of Vegas. Chief among these are Paradise and Winchester, just south of Downtown, where the famous Vegas Strip and many entertainment venues are actually located.

Bellagio Drive, The Strip, Las Vegas
Bellagio Drive, The Strip, Las Vegas

What is the weather like in Las Vegas?

The climate of Las Vegas is hot and subtropical, typical of a desert location, characterized by long, scorching summers and short, mild winters. Rainfall is low, with an annual average of just over 4 inches, and sunshine is abundant throughout the year. While this is great for sun worshippers, exposure to long hours of intense and direct sunlight can cause problems for many type of possessions.

With exposure to high temperatures, vehicles can suffer from dried rubber and cracked and discolored paint, while photos and paintings can become faded. Fortunately, there are plenty of climate-controlled storage units in Las Vegas where you can keep your belongings in peak condition.

The economy of Las Vegas — powered by entertainment and tourism

Tourism is the major industry that drives Las Vegas’s economy. The city sees tens of millions of visitors each year, drawn to the bright lights and unrivaled entertainment that it offers. This, in turn, keeps the hospitality sector buoyant, with a wealth of hotels and restaurants thriving in the city and its surroundings.

Self storage in Las Vegas can be a great way for local businesses big and small to gain access to more space. In the tourism sector, hotels can use a storage unit to keep spare laundry and supplies, while rental companies can store bicycles, motorcycles, cars and recreational vehicles in climate-controlled conditions.

4. Universities and college life in Las Vegas

There are several universities and colleges in and around Las Vegas. The biggest is the College of Southern Nevada, which is considered to be the third-largest community college in the U.S. Meanwhile, the University of Nevada School of Medicine has a campus in the city, providing various degree programs.

University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Lied Library
University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Lied Library

Students can keep their dorm rooms clutter-free by renting self storage in Las Vegas. It’s a great way to manage what can sometimes be a small, shared space — to save costs, several students may even rent one unit together. In addition, if they are not locals but move to Nevada for their studies, they can put their stuff in their storage unit during summer so they don’t have transfer it all home for that period.

Outdoor recreation in Las Vegas — rocks, rivers and RVing

Besides the flashing lights of the Las Vegas Strip, there’s a whole host of things to do in and around the city. With sunshine throughout the year, Las Vegas is a veritable paradise for lovers of the great outdoors. Surrounded by mountains, as well as state and national parks, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking and camping. Hitting the road in an RV is also a great way to discover the local scenery.

Kayaking or paddle boarding along the Colorado River is another popular pastime, taking in the spectacular Hoover Dam along the way. Or, for something more relaxing, try a round of golf at one of the many world-class courses here. If you need somewhere to keep your rock climbing equipment, golf clubs and kayaks while you’re not using them, self storage in Las Vegas is a fantastic solution. RVs can also be kept at many storage facilities.

Moving to Las Vegas is made easy with self storage

Many people move from California and other U.S. states to Nevada. To save cash, you can try to complete the move yourself, but this can be stressful and you may struggle with larger possessions and fragile items such as pianos and antique furniture — in these cases, the professionals will know what to do.

Whether moving with or without professional help, it’s worth renting a storage unit in Las Vegas throughout the process. Transfer all your belongings to your unit first, then move them from there to the new home on your own schedule. This will allow you to be more flexible with your move-in date and will give you ample time to make your new home completely move-in ready.

Housing in Las Vegas

While single-unit homes make up the majority of the housing stock in Las Vegas, there are plenty of apartments and condos up for grabs as well. Las Vegas-Henderson-Paradise is one of the most rapidly expanding metropolitan areas in the U.S. — and this looks set to continue — and a variety of housing initiatives are underway to increase the inventory.

Single family living

Single-family homes come in a mosaic of styles, from the Mediterranean-style villas popular in the Lakes neighborhood to Ranch Style homes that can be found in the Summerlin area — in the former, as you might expect from the name, there are some waterfront properties. Other neighborhoods that have quality single family homes are Skye Canyon and Southern Highlands, which are reckoned to be great for families.

The Lakes Neighborhood, Las Vegas, Nevada
The Lakes Neighborhood, Las Vegas, Nevada

Moving into a single family home in the City of Lights could be a dream come true for many. While decorating their Las Vegas houses they can put all the furniture and other household items into a local Las Vegas self storage unit to keep it all out of the way during the renovation process.

Apartment living

Most apartments are located within the downtown area, particularly the luxury high-rise condos that make up the Las Vegas skyline. West Las Vegas is very close to much of the action and yet has reasonable rents. Meanwhile, Centennial Hills, located to the northwest of Downtown, has attractive apartment blocks and also a renowned shopping plaza and entertainment center.

Anyone living in a Vegas apartment which comes with limited parking might want to know they can keep vehicles at one of the many self storage facilities in town, and this will protect their tires and paintwork against the hot sunshine. The safety features at facilities ensures that this is a safe option.

Is Las Vegas a good place to live?

The population of Las Vegas has been increasing for good reason. While the superlative tourist sector draws entertainers and hospitality industry workers, there are also other employers who have found Nevada’s business climate to be attractive. Then there is the wide range of housing on offer here, and of course there is always something to do or see in your spare time.

Moving to Las Vegas from Los Angeles

Angelinos will find that housing costs can be a lot more agreeable in the Las Vegas area. And although Nevada has its taxes, income tax is not one of them, which will mean that workers here can end up having more money in their pockets. As Vegas sees a lot less rain than the City of Angels, and has hotter summers, Los Angeles transplants might miss the cooling sea breezes, not to mention the beaches, but instead they can always take up skiing at nearby Lee Canyon. Drivers probably won’t miss the greater traffic and busier rush hours in Los Angeles.

Moving to Las Vegas from Chicago

Compared to the Windy City, Vegas has much less rain and fewer thunderstorms, which might be appreciated by incomers from Chi-town. The cost of living in the two cities is not so different, but it depends of course on what you spend your money on. Newcomers to Vegas who don’t own a car might miss Chicago’s transportation system. Also, in terms of history and development, while Chicago is quite a ‘regular’ city — with all the traditions that implies — Vegas is a rather special one, though many people enjoy the vibrancy it generates.

Las Vegas, Nevada, Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
Las Vegas, Nevada, Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

What are the storage options in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas self storage is plentiful, both in the City of Lights itself and in nearby Paradise, Henderson and North Las Vegas, with units offered in a wide range of sizes. A 5’x5’ storage unit is suitable for a few possessions that would otherwise clutter up a small home. Double the size, a 5’x10’ storage unit would be of great use to a household who need to keep sports equipment somewhere safe when they are not using it, though a 10’x15’ storage unit could be a better size for holding kayaks.

A 10’x10’ storage unit may have enough room to keep items of furniture in while a small apartment is being renovated. To store the contents of a larger house — or a car — try a 10’x20’ storage unit. For a motorhome or small boat and a trailer, a 10’x30’ storage unit could have sufficient floor space, but first check the ceiling height to see if it is high enough.

To find out more about the local self storage sector, take a look at Las Vegas’s storage statistics. A move to Las Vegas makes even more sense when you rent a local storage unit to support your lifestyle there. And you probably now have answers to the question “Should I move to Nevada?” The find the ideal storage unit for your needs, use StorageCafe’s search portal.


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